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Trade Paperback
144 pages
May 2004
Baker Trittin Press

Mountain Cabin Mystery

by Max Elliott Anderson

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In Mountain Cabin Mystery by Max Elliot Anderson, twelve-year-old Scott Holcomb is waiting for an acceptance letter from the Wilderness Wanderers. He's been rejected for the past two years and missed their yearly summer mountain climb. When his acceptance letter arrives, Scott calls his two best friends. Al and Benji have been accepted too. But first they must pass the wilderness test.

Once they are up in the mountains, they become separated from their group. A bear attacks and they "bearly" escape with their lives. They are forced to cross a decaying, swinging bridge, and take refuge in cave. They spot what appears to be an abandoned cabin, but it is inhabited by terrorists who are planning there next devious plot. Benji gets captured. Al and Scott plan to rescue him with their most ingenious plan.

Max Elliot Anderson has no use for boring books. He loves action and adventure that keep readers glued to his books. The Tweener Press Adventure Series takes places in different settings, with different characters, and different and exciting adventures. Once started, this is a hard book to put down. One adventure leads to another. The fast pace will keep readers wondering what will happen next. Recommended. -- Jessica Loughner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Scott and his friends had waited over two years for their first wilderness camping adventure. Curiosity and a Kodak moment was enough to cause them to leave the train surrounded by dense fog.