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Trade Paperback
140 pages
Feb 2004
Baker Trittin Concepts/Tweener Press

North Woods Poachers

by Max Anderson

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In North Woods Poachers by Max Elliot Anderson, Andy Washburn is packing to go on a Canadian camping trip. His parents, including his uncle's family, love the yearly trip. The only thing he and his cousin CJ dislike is fishing.

While the rest of the family goes fishing, the boys have other activities to keep them busy. CJ is electronically inclined, and he obtains free electronics to test. Once tested, CJ gives the company a report on the equipment's performance. The equipment turns out to be useful when the boys venture across the Canadian border.

After pitching their tents, Andy hears on the radio that a poachers ring had just been busted near where they are camping. It soon becomes obvious there are more poachers in the area, and danger lurks around every corner. Can the boys use their wit and electronic devices to capture the poachers?

Max Elliot Anderson has no use for boring books. He loves to write action and adventure that keep readers glued to his books. The Tweener Press Adventure Series takes place in different settings, with new characters, experiencing various and exciting adventures. This thrilling book will keep readers on their toes. It was hard to put down once started. Good moral values are demonstrated throughout the book. Highly recommended. -- Jessica Loughner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

There was no escaping it. The day had come, and there was absolutely nothing Andy Washburn could do to change it. Every summer it was the same story. His family, along with his cousins and their parents, made the same trip to the same place to do the same thing every year.

“Not this time!” Andy defiantly declared right out loud as he stuffed the last clothes he needed into two large duffel bags. “This trip is going to be different.”

He didn’t even get to pack real suitcases like other normal families when they went on vacation. It felt more like getting ready for a survival trip than something fun. Still, he continued packing.

Andy’s attitude was odd in a way because he was the most athletic member of the two families. He should be the one person in the group who would love the outdoors. His father liked to remark that his son was nothing but muscle and bone. At school, Andy was one of the best at any sport he tried.

This was in direct contrast to his cousin. C J didn’t like sports at all. His favorite activity was playing around with anything electronic. Since his father owned a computer solutions company, C J had all the “toys” anyone could imagine.

Andy and C J’s birthdays were only three days apart. Just before school started again in the fall they’d both be twelve years old.

At least I know C J and Jessie have to go too, Andy thought . . . not that it helped much.