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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Jul 2010
Head Press Publishing

Eye Witness (Book Four): Unknown God

by Robert James Luedke

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Unknown God is the fourth and final book of the Eye Witness series of action adventure graphic novels written, illustrated, and colored by Robert James Luedke. The series itself tells two stories that run parallel to each other. One is about Dr. Terry Harper, a famous archaeologist also known as the "Bone Man," who makes an incredible discovery in a dig in Jerusalem while a powerful businessman wants to keep this discovery hidden and wants Harper dead. Harper is forced to survive through numerous assassination attempts on his life, one of which causes him to start having visions of Paul the Apostle's journey to establish Christianity in the world as it was written in the book of Acts.

The writing style is very clear as well as the art style. The structure of the book switches between Harper's tale of survival and the story of Paul. It does this quite often and sometimes without warning, which can be a bit confusing at times because it leaves the reader wondering if he or she accidentally skipped a page. But other than that, the book is true to most graphic novels and is consistent with delivering action-packed scenes.

In this latest book, Unknown God we find Dr. Harper still on the run and people are still shooting at him. Lucky for him, he has the assistance of an ex-spy to help keep him alive. But he must stay alive long enough to announce his discovery to the world. In Paul's story we find him recovering from being nearly beaten to death. With renewed strength Paul the Apostle continues his journey to spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.

Dr. Harper somehow seems to keep a cool head despite people trying to murder him. He is surrounded by friends struggling to keep him safe but who become at risk themselves. Paul has allies accompanying him on his journey, including Barnabas, Silas, and Timothy, and throughout his struggle he is constantly being guided by the spirit of Jesus Christ.

After finishing this book I felt that it had served up exactly what it promised. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to anyone, but I would suggest starting from the beginning of the series so as to have a fuller understanding of the story. This book is great for people who might not be into reading long traditional book or for those who wish to learn more about Paul the Apostle. Jared Hammond,

Book Jacket:

Just when it appeared forensic Archeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, is safely back on U.S. soil, he's assassinated by a sniper's bullet. Meanwhile, back in the first century, the Apostle Paul has been stoned to death in the village of Lystra. It appears the tale of the eyewitness has come to an end...if not for the power and mystery of The Unknown God!

In this fourth and final book of the award-winning Eye Witness graphic novel series, Harper's allies make one final attempt to reveal to the world the existence of the Gospel of Joseph of Arimathea, while Harper himself become an unwitting witness to the first century trial of the Apostle Paul by the Roman Senate.

Unknown God, takes the reader through a full color, fully illustrated roller-coaster ride which features the intertwining of a modern day action-thriller with an adaptation of the Book of Acts. In this final volume of The Eye Witness series, both Dr. Harper and the reader will finally learn the reason why (and how) he's been chosen to become a modern day eyewitness to events that occurred 2,000 years in the past.