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Trade Paperback
120 pages
Nov 2004

If I'm Waiting on God Then What Am I Doing on The Christian Chatroom?

by Kerri Pomarolli

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Many or most of us have “looked for love, in all the wrong places.” If I’m Waiting on God, Then What Am I Doing on The Christian Chatroom? by Kerri Pomarolli reminds us that we are not alone. Just knowing this, or being reminded of this, is a good thing. The concept of If I’m Waiting on God is one of the hardest ones for Christians--especially when it comes to finding our true love.

Kerri Pomarolli tells her story with an odd sense of humor and a youthful touch. Teens would be the best ones to translate the wisdom in this book. The biblical truths are quite subtle, and at times this reviewer wished that Ms. Pomarolli would be more direct. With that said, it is a nice leisurely read with not too much depth, but high on laughter. -- Tammy Hornbeck, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Kerri was sick of reading books about nice women who got married after puberty and then tried to give advice. "I didn't meet my husband till I was 17 and I'm so glad I waited." Well Kerri wanted to write a book from the perspective of a woman in the trenches... out there trying to meet "Mr Right". Some of her pro-active tactics and comical musings on the dating life of a modern LA girl will make you laugh out loud. This book is a touching, hysterical, heartbreaking and a sweet journey in one girl's search for love.