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Trade Paperback
245 pages
Jul 2005
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Flashbang: How I Got Over Myself

by Mark Steele

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Flashbang by Mark Steele is a thought provoking book with a subtitle How I Got Over Myself. This book is laid out differently than most. It is a bit complex—a little like working on a computer where pop-ups and instant messages, email notices, chat rooms, links and web sites collide and mingle. Once you get the hang of it, you are not so overwhelmed and you begin to relax and enjoy. Steele is a storyteller with a unique style of presenting the message he wants to share.

Flashbang is a word he chose to denote how people get excited to serve the church and God and then allow things to fizzle. They hope to make a big impression on the world, and then because their character is full of flaws or their hearts are not truly into it, they fade and the light they hoped to share goes dim.

Mark Steele is a comic—a standup comedian who is also a Christian. He is also the president of Steelehouse Productions in Oklahoma, where he creates art for businesses and ministries through film, stage, and animation. He also has produced and directed some of the largest youth events in the nation.

He says in show business, a pyrotechnic produces stage explosions: big noises with a lot of flash but leaving no lasting mark. They are explosions that are not really explosions, called flashbangs. How many of Christians want to do something earth shaking, something life changing, something awesome for God, and yet our explosions turn out to be nothing but flashbangs!

I would recommend this book to young Christian men and women who love looking at things from a different perspective. In all the witty and clever dialogue and bloggish-style pages they will find food for thought and a unique twist on how to make a real mark on the world, how to get over themselves, how to became authentic, and get on with life. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Mark Steele found himself trying to be a good Christian, but felt he wasn’t making any permanent difference. His life was turning into a flashbang — something that makes a lot of noise but leaves no permanent indentation. In this hilarious memoir, Steele gives autobiographical accounts of enduring 40 days of facial paralysis, suffering public embarrassment at a Presidential Inauguration, receiving treatments of shock therapy from a first-timer and giving blood in a Mexican hospital. Each story brings Steele closer to the realization that being a Christian is more than just saying you are. In the end, he reveals his secret to living a more meaningful life—how he got over himself.