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Trade Paperback
175 pages
Jul 2005
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Friendlationships: From Like, To Like Like, To Love In Your Twenties

by Jeff Taylor

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Dozens of books promise help for guy/girl relationships. Why should you look at yet another?

You’re in your twenties. You’re not married or engaged. You don’t belong to either extreme: dating without a thought to the future or not speaking to a guy unless you’re courting. You don’t want a book for teens or one that drones on about the benefits of being “single and satisfied.” But the number one reason you should look at this book is if you have a crush on a friend or a friend has a crush on you.

Why? Because no other book seems willing to tackle that delicate, nerve-wracking dance from friendship to relationship. While the discussion of “friendlationships” only takes up two chapters rather than the entire book, much is covered, though you’ll probably wish Jeff Taylor dived a little deeper.

The rest of the book is also well worth reading, despite including several issues taught in other books on Christian dating: boundaries, sex, define the relationship talks. Jeff offers fresh insights on being single in a couples culture, asking pointed questions like, “Do you come to church to worship God or to meet people of the opposite sex?” and advising dating couples not to ignore or look down on their single friends. Another chapter discusses what to do if you like someone who is already in a relationship, or if you are the one already in a relationship. Often overlooked topics like emotional baggage, long-distance relationships, and gender roles are brought up as well.

The whipped topping and cherry of the book come with the two appendixes: The Actual Female Survey and The Real Man Survey. Jeff asked 50 guys and 50 girls insightful questions about dating, from age preferences to qualities they avoid in the opposite sex. Some of the answers are given as demographic percentages; others give the participants’ essay-like responses.

Friendlationships covers a lot of ground in a fairly quick read, which was my only frustration with the book. I kept wishing the author would go deeper, expound more on vital topics. Beyond that, the book excels in every area – reader friendly format, on-target examples from the author’s life and current media, Scriptural principles, and practical applications. The cover says it all – this is the handbook for twentysomethings while they go from shaking hands to holding hands. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

On both sides of the passionate road of love is the less desirable stage of friendship. Anyone who’s ever been there knows the terrain is perilous. Friendlationships will help you navigate. Author Jeff Taylor addresses questions like: - What should you do when you start to like a friend? - What if you’re attracted to someone who is already in a relationship? - What are reasons you should end a relationship? - What are healthy boundaries?

Friendlationships shares stories of those who are in your shoes and gives insight into how relationship issues can make or break your spiritual life. After all, relationship advice should be about more than sex or dating methods. Friendlationships covers all the stages between and during this thing called love.