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Trade Paperback
227 pages
Oct 2005
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Pocket Guide to Adulthood: 29 Things to Know Before You Hit 30

by Jason Boyett

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If you want a good laugh, some interesting, rather way-out advice, and don't expect to reach maturity before you are 30, the Pocket Guide to Adulthood is for you. Aiming to inculcate some useful information through humor, this secular book has quite a hodgepodge of advice: how to cook eggs; don't take Hollywood's advice about first dates; changing a flat tire; an amazing card trick; recipe for a butt-kickin' fruit smoothie; living bling free; urban legends; how to play poker; beware financial procrastination; buying groceries; home maintenance; and taking a good photograph.

Christian humorist, sometime expert on end times, and author of other Pocket Guides, Jason Boyett knows how to entertain with words, often using modern slang (which may be slightly offensive to people not quite up to today). His aim is to help his reader cope with the demands of a more mature life.

I enjoyed reading this little book but was disappointed when subjects failed to mature into the Christian perspective. The advice formulae in the Pocket Guide to Adulthood make it a possible reference volume in topics non-spiritual. It's cutely funny cover and humorous contents bring it into the gag gift category. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Maturity, Wisdom, and Hipster Credibility in 29 Short Chapters! Finally, the secrets to a well-lived adult life are now available in compact, readable form. Financial stability? Social sophistication? Psychological health? Delicious smoothie recipes? They’re all inside, amid the occasional sensibility and unflinching hilarity of the Pocket Guide to Adulthood. Learn how to: • Ask for a Raise • Stay in Shape • Plan for Retirement • Maintain a Home • Be Happily Married • Take a Great Photograph • Perform an Amazing Card Trick …and more!

Yes, young adult, it’s time to toss aside the frivolity of your 20s and get all responsible and stuff. Be a grownup. Read this book.