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384 pages
Nov 2007
Emerald Pointe

The Bunko Babes

by Leah Starr Baker

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With detailed and entertaining descriptions, the lives of eight busy mothers and wives are accurately portrayed in The Bunko Babes by Leah Starr Baker. The dialogue is fresh and natural, perfectly reflecting the vast character variations of each woman.

Becca Thornton, one of these frazzled, but energetic women, decides to start a weekly group for her friends and to call it The Bunko Babes. This group works to bring a night of fun into their hectic lives, but soon evolves into a spiritual journey of discovery and renewal. They turn to each other in the midst of terrible trials and uplift one another to overcome their odds.

I appreciated the realistic problems these women faced. One deals with addiction while another deals with infidelity. Many of the other women struggle with equally difficult and modern day issues, but learn that they can find strength and faith through their relationships with each other and with God. It is not heavy handed evangelism, but more a natural sharing of what the gospel message stands for in regard to support, love, belief, self-sacrifice, and true joy.

This book easily reaches out to any woman who has turned to her girlfriends for help. I believe a reader of any age could appreciate this story, although those under 13 might relate less to some of the characters’ struggles. A great story, The Bunko Babes is sure to encourage readers as it weaves a memorable tale of love and renewal. -- Heather Schultz,

Book Jacket:

"It's 6:15 p.m. on a Thursday evening and I'm rushing around getting ready for my weekly Bunko night. Picking up old newspapers and empty pizza boxes, I shove them haphazardly into the oven. Quickly, I brush the crumbs off the counter into the palm of my hand before tossing them in the sink. Glancing around, I peruse the kitchen looking for anything else that might give away my penchant for messiness.…"

Becca Thornton loves her thirteen year old twins, her husband Thomas, and her lovely home…but she is frazzled, exhausted, and longing for some time with her girl friends. With the help of her three childhood friends, she starts a weekly Bunko group involving an eclectic group of women. Their original plan was for an evening of fun - indulging in their favorite foods while laughing and talking over a game of Bunko. Little did they know that they were embarking on a faith journey that would change their lives and perspectives forever. Throughout the course of the year, these eight unique women come to depend upon one another in ways that will surprise them all.

Beneath the surface of their everyday lives each woman is dealing with her own personal issues. In the midst of ordinary routines, a weekly game night, laughter and tears, The Bunko Babes find strength and faith as they turn to each other in crisis with the bonds of friendship. A book that goes way beyond spa trips and beauty tips to deal with the real issues women face like infertility, loss, the heartache of infidelity, and temptation. Whether it is something as common as aging or as devastating as addiction, these "Bunko Babes" find new strength through faith and friendship as they turn to each other in times of crisis.

In a society and time where role models are lacking, this is a book that teaches the value of women, mentoring women.