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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Jan 2007
Baker Trittin Press

A Bully's Doom: The Whisperer's Tale

by Robert Hansen

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Who is the real bully in A Bully’s Doom? Is it Griffith or Grizbull?

Most of us can name a teacher who touched our lives in a unique way. The Whisperer, a substitute, is such a teacher who reaches Griffith through the emotional power of a story.

Self-entered and self-absorbed, Griffith swaggers into English class. It’s just another ordinary day until the intuitive substitute begins to weave a yarn and suddenly the eighth grader is transported into a new setting. As the main character, Griffith lives the story. The bully in the tale is a dragon called a Grizbull. Along the way, Griffith meets the mayor’s daughter, and lives with a boy he thinks is from his school.

The shoe is on the other foot when Grizbull insists that any townsperson who has mistreated him will become his human nightlight. The dragon likes to read titles such as Snowgrizbull and the Six Dwarfs, and Cindergrizbull. Griffith must use his wits and exercise new tactics to outsmart this curiously familiar enemy.

Griffith has a lot of anger that he unleashes on everyone around him. At the town hall, Griffith frightens the women when he breaks their dishes and cooking utensils. One day he topples the black kettles, spilling the food prepared to keep the Grizbull from harming the town. He damages homes and takes what he wants. After his rampage, Griffith is surprised that his bullying tactics do not cause the people to claim him as their leader. All he succeeds in doing is putting the town in trouble with the Grizbull.

I like that Griffith gets a chance to work under a bully. He is able to see what life looks like from the victim’s viewpoint. He feels how others feel who are intimidated by a bully. I also like that he gets the chance to meet the bully and the two enter into a deadly contest over who would rule the town.

I recommend this book for ages 11-13. Boys will like the action and adventure, yet girls will like it, too. Everyone has experienced a bully or been a bully. A Bully’s Doom is a great classroom read-aloud. It is sure to spark discussion.

Baker Trittin Press specializes in books for boys. Their mission is literacy for youth so children can read the Bible. Baker Trittin carries a line of well-written stories that even reluctant readers will enjoy. The publisher developed a curriculum line that easily connects seniors and kids in a weekly mentorship that encourages reading. – Hannah Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

An intriguing story which deals with a growing problem in our schools. The Whisperer, through the power of storytelling has the uncanny ability to engage Griffith, and egocentric student who only knows the power of his own will and dominance. Readers will be on the sidelines hoping but wondering how the bully will get what he has coming to him. Oh the power of a good story!