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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Dec 2006
Baker Trittin Press

Heir of the Forgotten Realm

by Michael Svigel

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Heir of the Forgotten Realm is a fantasy tale of a boy and the tests, trials, and journeys that makes him a man. Due to a dragon attack when he is young, Lord Lukas becomes the last living male in the Stanton family. Lukas is in love with Princess Lilia, (expected royalty-type names) but just as Lukas proposes, the dragon from his past captures his beloved Lilia. The only way to save Lilia and the Kingdom is to find four weapons that have been hidden for centuries.

In the beginning of this adventure, Lukas is a young man in love but a slave to his fear of fire. Faced with the fact that he is the only one that can save the Realm, Lukas sets out to find the magical helmet, sword, shield, and armor that alone can defeat the otherwise invincible dragon.

Along his journey, Lukas learns how to put his fear behind him and do what needs to be done. Lukas’s example shows that tests and trials aren’t here to torment us but to teach us lessons that we wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Written by Michael J. Svigel, Heir of the Forgotten Realm is published by Baker Trittin Press. It contains 119 pages, and 10 chapters of fantasy. Kids ages 9 to 14 will enjoy this fun, mildly predictable, coming of age adventure story. – Estee Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Surprises have always highlighted the annual Spring Festival of Trallia - but up until now they have never been deadly. At the celebrated betrothal of young Lord Lukas and Princess Lilia, an evil dragon suddeny strikes to snatch Lilia from the frenzied crowd while Lukas cowers in fear from the dragon's infernal breath. His uncontrollable fear of fire has cost him the ultimate price: the girl he loves.

In an attempt to redeem himself and save Lilia, Lukas must face his fears and pass tests of temperance, wisdom, justice, and courage against overwhelming adversity as he seeks four pieces of armor that lone have the power to defeat the dragon. Though his quest teeters at the brink of ruin by the fears of his past and doubts in his present, a destined alliance with an old seer leads to an inner transformation that empowers him to complete the quewt and embrace a future he could never have imagined.