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Trade Paperback
181 pages
Apr 2007
Rock House Way

Be Transformed

by John Robin Murphy

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Author John Robin Murphy takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of his personal journey from controlling behavior to freedom in Be Transformed. Many Christians continue to struggle under bondage to a controlling behavior, from overeating to abusing drugs. The author's purpose is to advance the kingdom of God in two ways: 1) To communicate the author's understanding of God's call to all followers of Christ to be transformed; and 2) To tell the readers that they can attain the life they want by disciplining and focusing the innermost part of who they are. From his continuing journey to transformation through his current work as a counselor to substance abusers, the author draws many illustrations and shares valuable insights for those struggling to find freedom from bondage. Case histories, biblical comparisons to modern-life challenges, references to expert sources, and personal opinions drawn from good and bad choices, all combine to give depth to this book.

The author insists that a decision must be made. Is the reader willing to die, giving up the old life in order to be totally free? To get through the process, the old life must be transformed into a new life that will support the new behavior. The author offers no quick fixes. "Anyone who is unwilling to change his life to be free of addiction desires a quick fix and will fail” (p. 126). The road to a new life requires transformation. The journey will be difficult at times, as the author himself shares firsthand. He encourages the reader to get on that road and stay on the road until the journey makes its final stop.

Transformation begins with the decision to put one's house in order, physically and spiritually. A new life requires a new heart. "It is a heart issue and God is in the heart business” (p. 64). The reader is asked to "live a life that does not conflict with God's laws” (p. 109). This decision leads one to forgiveness of others and self, humility, loving God more, and replacing lies with truth.

Murphy openly shares the details of his early life in chapter one. He pulls no punches, which may overwhelm some readers. In subsequent chapters, he draws illustrations from those events outlined in chapter one.

Be Transformed is for anyone who continues to struggle with bondage and truly wants to be free. It is not a box of quick oats. If the reader’s goal is a quick fix, this is not the book. Be Transformed is for one who desires a new life. Murphy serves up whole grains of truth to nourish the body and soul on the journey to freedom. – Rev. Richard Borgman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The first offering to advance you along the path of freedom toward a richer relationship with God is the newly released book titled Be Transformed: New Life Awaits. Written by founder John Robin Murphy, it gives readers insights from more than 20 years of personal transformation that brought victory over substance abuse, obesity and other self-destructive behaviors. Loaded with God’s Truth and a road map for implementation, this is a must read for Christians seeking heart-level transformation.