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68 pages
Sep 2008
Clearview Communications Publishing

A Tree's Christmas

by Andy Bowen

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More of a children’s book than a gift book, A Tree’s Christmas by James Andrew Bowen tells a dying Christmas tree’s story of a well-lived life at one family’s home. Cut down from his forest, the tree is brought to a Christian home where it experiences the death of a family member (and the family member’s spirit leaving for Heaven), scares a burglar out of the house, and witnesses the birth of a new baby. As the tree comes to the end of its life, it tells the other trees its stories and encourages them to treasure the moments of love, happiness, and sadness while they have them.

Bowen writes a charming story, but as a children’s book without illustrations, it lacks that extra something. The short story, which can be read in less than 30 minutes, has a few loose ends, as well. The little girl in the family narrates at the beginning and end of the book, talking about the tree as if she knew it were magical and could talk, but Bowen never makes it clear how the child knows this — although there is small indication that it was all a dream, it leaves the reader who takes time to think about it confused.

Still, A Tree’s Christmas is a fun read ready for some comfy family time around the Christmas tree or in front of the fireplace. It might even make a nice coffee table book during the holidays. – Harmony Wheeler,

Book Jacket:

What if your Christmas tree could talk? What would it say? Did Anne dream this story of the talking Christmas tree, or could it be real? You must decide for yourself.

The story starts when a love-filled family's Christmas in the country is over. The Christmas tree's decorations are gently removed. Anne, her dad and their dog, Lucky, take the tree outside and lay it down in the snow-covered garden. That night, to the amazement, surprise and delight of the trees around the garden, the Christmas tree begins telling the exciting story of its wonder-filled adventures inside the family's home during the Christmas season.