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100 pages
Dec 2008
Baker Trittin Press


by Estee Wells

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Dimensions by Estee Wells is the adventure story of two boys, Daniel and Austin. They are in high school, stars on the soccer team, and best friends. Austin struggles with doubts about God since his father recently left their family. Daniel struggles with fears about change.

With the help of a strange old man, Edic, whom they meet in another dimension, they both find answers in ways they would never have imagined. They also find the key to their struggles in the accuser and deceiver, Gordock, the Evil One. However, Austin’s special stone his father gave him when he was five helps reveal strength and power only God could provide.

The characters are well developed. The struggles of the teenagers-- mentally, physically, and spiritually, are accurately portrayed.

The Bible says we are not to question God (see Job 38:1-41 and beyond), but we ought to bring our troubles to Him in prayer. It also says we are not to be afraid (II Timothy 1:7), but to trust God (Proverbs 3:5). This book shows doubts and fears being experienced and, with God’s help, being resolved. Because of the example vividly portrayed in a fictional situation, I feel teenagers could relate to it and learn while enjoying an action-packed book.

The author recommend this book for readers 8 to 13 years of age, but I think it might be better for 10- to 15-year-olds, because of the age of the characters and its allegorical nature. This young author has done an excellent job and I look forward to reading many more books by her. -- Linda Demorest,

Book Jacket:

Poor Austin Omera. His folks have separated, his mom turned into a workaholic, and his high-school life in Wilmsburg, Indiana is dull. “Everything is just so dumb. What point is there to living?” he wonders. Even his best-friend Daniel can’t cheer him up.

Enter Samala, “a messenger from the Holy One”. She takes Austin and Daniel to another place in time to meet Edic, the keeper of the Book of Prophesy, who lives in a land terrorized by the evil Cramerites. Their leader is Lucifer whose goal is to destroy all believers in the kingdom. Then Austin discovers that he is “the Chosen One,” the one to help the lost prince of Halian regain his throne. Is their an allegory brewing here?

These teen time travelers move between dimensions discovering far way places, people, and challenges. Adventure abounds. Whenever the evil Gordock and his yellow-fanged beast Spiron appear, they destroy anyone affiliated with the Holy One. A small but powerful stone, the Orb of Light, is the only thing the beast is helpless against. When the Chosen One holds it against the beast… Could Austin save the day?

The underlying theme of Dimensions is faith doubted and faith renewed. It allows the reader to see their world in a different light.