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Trade Paperback
232 pages
Oct 2009
Author Publishing

America at the Tipping Point

by Dr. Gary Frazier

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Dr. Gary Frazier, in America at the Tipping Point, introduces readers to an eye-opening—though sometimes frightening—perspective on the modern American way of life. He offers poignant, biblical insight into key issues such as separation of church and state, corporate greed, abortion, and euthanasia. America is on the brink of several “tipping points,” Frazier asserts, saying that Christians, realizing this, ought to take immediate action in order to prevent our beloved nation from toppling over the edge.

Whereas the information Frazier presents is startlingly accurate as well as thorough, the manner in which he presents it is not as well thought-out. His writing is opinionated, and that, at least, is all right; a book of this nature depends on opinion to support its premise. However, Frazier occasionally goes a little too far in his condemnation of American government, as well as of many specific prominent politicians. This strong bias could turn off or even offend potential readers, specifically liberals and non-Christians. For this reason, I do not recommend America at the Tipping Point to any non-Christians.

Despite any controversy this book could potentially cause among nonbelievers, Frazier gears it specifically toward Christians, and Christians who read it will have much to gain from its pages, whether or not they agree with Frazier’s assertions. America at the Tipping Point brings Psalm 33:12 to life: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” This book challenges Christians to stand up for their right to religious freedom and to promote positive change in the nation. – Maria Martin,

Book Jacket:

"This book is something of a departure for me. In my past books I have written about the indicators present in our world pointing out we are living in the end times and that Christ Jesus is coming again very, very soon. However, as a history buff and one who watches trends and events, I see what has and is happening in America and the path it appears we have chosen and frankly, I find myself greatly alarmed. Were it not for my faith, hope and trust in the sovereignty of God and my understanding of His mercy and compassion, and that He is ultimately in control, I would be frightened. For this reason I feel compelled to address these issues because I see America at a tipping point and the Word of God commands as Christians we are to stand in the gap and sound the warning." -- Dr. Gary Frazier