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32 pages
Sep 2009
Synergy Books

Elena's Big Move

by Sarah M. Olivieri

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There are strengths and weaknesses associated with the children's picture book Elena's Big Move by Sarah M. Olivieri. The story focuses on an elementary school girl in Puerto Rico who is told that she and her family will be moving permanently to Indiana. Fearing that she will forget her beloved homeland, Elena goes throughout Puerto Rico taking photos of mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Children reading the story, thus, get to learn about some of the geography of Puerto Rico, as well as a few Spanish words (hija for daughter, adios for good-bye) that are sprinkled into the story. The story then does a flip-flop. When Elena arrives in Indiana, her new classmates tell her all about the interesting places in Indiana, and Elena, in turn, passes this information back to her former classmates in Puerto Rico.

Although the dedication of the book praises God, nothing in the story has a religious theme or message to it. The family members never pray or read the Bible, nor are they seen going to church. Furthermore, the book's graphics are poor. The artwork is extremely basic, with line-drawn buildings and rigid-bodied people. Even worse, the text on each page is superimposed atop the paintings so that the picture behind bleeds through the typing, making it hard to read sometimes. As such, this little book has a cute and somewhat informative story, but it is not artistically pleasing and it has no Christian message to it whatsoever. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Elena loves her home in Puerto Rico, but she just found out she will be moving to a strange, new place she's never seen before-Indiana.She's worried that nothing will be the same again, so she takes pictures of her friends and favorite places and creates an album to remember them by. When she finally moves, she finds that Indiana is very different than her old home, but she soon discovers that new places can be just as interesting as old ones. With the help of her new friends, Elena starts another album to record memories from the many new places she will soon discover.Demographics of Puerto Ricans:-In 2000 there were 3,406,178 Puerto Rican Americans-The states with the largest Puerto Rican populations in 2000 were New York, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts