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96 pages
Sep 2010
Nordskog Publishing, Inc.

Brave Boys of Derry, or No Surrender!

by W. Stanley Martin

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W.S. Martinís Brave Boys of Derry, or No Surrender! is a short retelling of the siege of Derry castle in Ireland. It provides a concise and packed historical profile of the conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland in 1680. A group of Protestants fleeing the approaching army of James II holds up in an under-provisioned and under-defended castle. The poorly equipped group relies on God and eventually comes out victorious and free from their oppressors.

Martinís book is a very interesting and informative narrative of these events. It shows a key incident that many might not know about. The book is short enough to be easy to read, with enough content to be a good introduction to the conflict. It provides a brief look at the cause of the siege, conditions in the castle, and how it the ordeal finally was resolved. The important points, historically, are mentioned simply and are easy to understand. There are deep spiritual points in this book as well. The overall theme is that trusting in God will pull you through any dire situation. Martinís book is a case study of resisting persecution and depending on God.

There are some issues, however. Martin makes the claim that he is writing this to be read by children, but his style doesnít always match this claim. He uses a loftier tone and some images that younger children could be put off by. Sometimes it feels as if paragraphs are rambling, struggling to get to the next point. The poem at the end, ďThe Siege of Derry,Ē by C.F. Alexander is not vital to the book, and is not something a young audience could easily understand. It makes for a good artistic add-on, but adds little value to this work.

Martinís book is a very informative work, something definitely worth reading. A little higher reading level is needed to get everything out of it, but the main messages are very clear and powerful. I would recommend this book to Sunday school teachers and parents looking to teach some Christian history to their children. Ė Todd Naevestad,

Book Jacket:

The Brave Boys of Derry is a true historical narrative of how courageous young apprentices helped save their besieged Protestant town of Londonderry in 1689.