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Trade Paperback
180 pages
Feb 2011
1010 Media Group

Affair Repair

by David & Lisa King

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Affair Repair, written under the pseudonyms of David and Lisa King, shares the tragic, but ultimately triumphant, story of a couple whose entire world falls apart when the husband admits to an extramarital affair. David’s mother was a Christian, but his father flaunted a number of affairs, and David came to believe the lie that premarital sex was all right. Even after marrying a “Christian woman,” he continued to seek partners outside his marriage, until one day Lisa confronted him. When he admitted to having had affairs, she had no coping skills and acted out her hurt and anger by shoplifting so that she would be arrested and cause him the embarrassment and financial trouble she felt equaled her own pain. She did this not once, but twice. The book concludes by telling how their relationship was restored through prayer and intensive counseling.

This book is not especially well-written, and includes numerous disruptive font characteristics (italics, quotation marks, bold, all caps). It does, however, tell a fascinating story that is worth reading. The authors write under pseudonyms, so we can know little of their expertise for writing a book on marriage relationships, but the lessons they personally learned as they grappled with the issues presented in the book make a strong case for their knowing more than a little something about relationship restoration.

The depth to which this relationship suffered is illustrated by one sentence in particular: “When the Bible says that ‘Sin…brings forth death [James 1:15],’ it is absolutely correct. A piece of me, and later my wife, died that day.” The final chapter, titled “Renewed Love, Renewed Life,” illustrates that God’s love for them and their relationship was deeper than the pit they had fallen into.

The story is engaging and relevant. The final section is a workbook with space for writing thoughts and reflections. This lends the book well to self-study or a couple’s study. Recommended for married couples and those contemplating marriage. – Dr. Jan Wallace Reber,

Book Jacket:

David thought his love for his wife, Lisa, was completely separate from the actions he committed while away from her. Little did he know that his failure to honor his marriage vows by having an affair, would lead to devastating consequences for him and his family. These consequences would play out unlike any nightmare he could have ever imagined. Lisa thought she had the perfect marriage until one night David returned home from work extremely late. Worried that something tragic had befallen him, she was unprepared for the truth she would eventually learn, he had engaged in an affair. Shocked, hurt, and angry, Lisa plotted her revenge against the man she had sworn her undying love to. Unfortunately, her quest for vengeance led to Lisa facing incarceration following her arrest while enacting her retribution. What impact would this have on her family? Together, can David and Lisa find healing following their actions? Written from each of their unique perspectives separately, then jointly, Affair Repair shows one couple's tragedies and ultimate triumph in seeking to restore their marriage after nearly seeing it destroyed by their own hands.