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Trade Paperback
108 pages
Mar 2012
Lighthouse Publishing

Changing Zip Codes: Finding Community Wherever You're Transplanted

by Carol Stratton

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In Changing Zip Codes: Finding Community Wherever You’re Transplanted, Carol G. Stratton uses daily devotions to encourage others going through the strenuous process of moving. This book takes the general fears that most movers have and defeats them with Scripture. Changing Zip Codes includes 40 daily devotions broken into two subcategories: “Preparing for the Move” and “Shifting to a New Community,” thus helping readers adjust to the before and after of their move.

Having moved twenty-two times herself, Stratton offers great perspectives on how to find friends, new school districts, and, most importantly cling to faith in times of change. This book is very quick to remind us of Proverbs 14:26-27, which says, “He who respects the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children, it will be a refuge. The respect of the Lord is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.” Through the 40 daily devotions this book offers, readers are challenged to leave their fears and doubts out of the U-Haul truck and, instead, to trust God and His directions.

Overall, I would recommend this book. The author makes a lot of good, scripturally-based points, and her perspectives are based on experience. Stratton even adds helpful websites and short tips in the back of her book to provide further help those moving, which shows a lot of empathy. The only critique I have on this book is that Stratton will randomly use a different Bible translation when most of the verses used come from the NIV. – Ronni Meier,

Book Jacket:

When your entire life drives off in a moving van, it’s easy for doubts to flood your mind. Will I ever be organized again? Will I find good friends? Will my children like their new school? Carol Stratton has experienced twenty-two moves and counsels others seeking stability in a culture of change. In Changing Zip Codes, Carol helps readers explore the fun of new possibilities, the magic of new friendships, and the excitement of fresh starts. With humorous stories and biblical insights, Carol reminds us God is in the midst of every move, leading us to new beginnings.