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Trade Paperback
191 pages
Oct 2011
Imago del Books

Hope Underground

by Carlos Parra Diaz

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Hope Underground by Carlos Parra Diaz tells the dramatic story of the 2010 Chilean mining accident and the subsequent rescue effort. Interwoven with the story of the rescue effort are the stories of the suffering miners' families, and the efforts of Diaz and other Christian ministers to comfort and encourage them.

When he hears of the mining accident, Pastor Diaz feels called by God to minister to Camp Hope, the gathering of the miners' families. He quickly becomes the official chaplain. To encourage the miners' families, he passes out Bibles to them, prays with them, listens to them, and holds their hands. When contact with the miners is established, Diaz sends down 33 small Bibles to them also.

Hope Underground also tells the story of the official rescue efforts made by the Chilean government. While there were many discouraging setbacks, the government never gave up on the miners. Even as the government did everything in its power to rescue the trapped men who were cut off by a sudden cave-in and landslide, the country's leaders, such as President Pinera, recognized that only God could help them be successful in rescuing the miners. After 69 days trapped underground, God delivered all 33 miners “out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire” (Psalm 40:2).

Hope Underground is an inspiring story of trust in God under very difficult circumstances. The book brilliantly intertwines the official rescue efforts to provide oxygen, food, and water to the buried men with the stories of the families who held a vigil topside day after day. The book shows the human side of the tragedy and ultimate triumph. All Christians would enjoy this book, but especially those who may be emotionally or spiritually “buried” and needing a renewed faith in God. – Scott H. Phillips,

Book Jacket:

The Inside Story the World Was Never Told … Until Now

Trapped far beneath the surface in total darkness, with few resources and little hope for survival, 33 Chilean miners resolved to never say die. Little did they know, they were not alone.

If all you’ve heard about this amazing story is of their rescue, then you haven’t heard the full story—the stunning account of another Miner, an invisible Savior, who was with them in every desperate moment. As told by Pastor Carlos, the miner’s unofficial and trusted spiritual mentor to this day, you will discover how even in utter darkness, God brings light to the hopeless.

Hope Underground is a must-read for anyone who seeks a deeper spiritual insight into this thrilling and unique real-life drama.