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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Apr 2006
WaterBrook Press

The Hunted (Every Man Series)

by Fred Stoeker & D.W. Smith

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The next novel in the popular “Every Man” series is a rugged story of survival. Authors Fred Stoeker and D. W. Smith collaborate to bring readers The Hunted, a novel about adventure, absolute faith in Christ, and developing masculinity.

John, Mike, Dave, and Hollis are best friends whose passion is whitewater rafting. The group is getting older, a far cry from their college days. They decide to go on one last rafting trip deep in the remote areas of Thailand. But there, they meet with unimaginable misfortune. The tour guides sent to escort them turn out to be political radicals who wish to make a statement with American blood. The four friends avoid the initial attack, but after their escape, they find themselves lost in the unknown jungle and miles from civilization. They have no map, no food, and an angry, trigger-happy group of pursuers on their heels. Only two things will keep them alive: faith in God and their own will power.

The story is set-up with chapters that alternate between two distinct time periods: the time during which they are lost in the jungle and a flashback time in urban Thailand before the trip. Both sections serve their purpose, but the segments outside of the jungle tend to be dull. And with this alternating chapter style, the pace is choppy; however, it also has the benefit of heightening the suspense during the group’s trek through the wilderness. This novel is a mix of ups and downs. It has an exciting setting, but a predictable plot. It teaches a great message, but in an overbearing, often preachy style. All in all, it will be a hit with fans of adventures stories, but readers looking for more in the way of character development should steer clear. – Andrew Culbertson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

John Majors and three friends–Mike, Hollis, and Dave–go to Thailand for the eco-adventure of a lifetime rafting on the Pai River. But they find more than they bargained for.

From the fleshpot temptations of Bangkok to the beautiful and terrifying environs of Northern Thailand’s vast wilderness areas, they find themselves tested at every turn. When separatist terrorists attempt to kidnap them in the wilderness, the four men are stranded deep in the jungle, pursued by gunmen toting AK-47s, and finally trapped in a cave with nowhere left to turn. If they hope to escape, they must face their deepest fears and put their lives–and their souls–on the line. Their struggle to survive, escape, and experience God’s grace through it all forms a thrilling tale of courage and endurance.

Fred Stoeker–one of the men behind the phenomenal Every Man series–and best-selling novelist D. S. Smith join forces to bring you a compelling novel that combines the action and suspense of a thriller with real-life faith and insight for God’s men.