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112 pages
Aug 2006
WaterBrook Press

Apples of Gold: A Parable of Purity

by Lisa Samson

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Two sisters are given a precious gift by the Governor of the land. A gift they are instructed to care for and protect until his son, the prince, returns. One sister guards the gift carefully, understanding its value. The other sister flaunts the gift and allows others to abuse it. When the prince finally arrives and the sisters are called into his presence, they are surprised by the offer given to the sister who cherished the gift.

Apples of Gold is a fairytale a la George MacDonald, where each scene teaches more than one moral lesson. Lisa Samson spins a tale that warns young girls of the folly in not recognizing the beauty of sexual purity, truth, integrity, and steadfastness. This tale illustrates the rewards of self control and obedience without being preachy.

The black-and-white illustrations resemble wood cut prints, enhancing the story’s fairytale feel. This book is a perfect gift for every girl you know from toddler to adolescence. It is also a great resource for teachers of young girls. – Vasthi Acosta, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

“Once upon a time, many years ago, when true love walked hand in hand with kisses and promises, and decisions were made to last forever, two girls received a summons to appear before the governor.…”

So begins the story of two sisters in a long-ago land who are presented with a precious gift. The governor wants the young women to protect and care for this gift until the return of his son, the prince of the land. Upon the prince’s return, one sister will be chosen to serve the prince according to how the gift was cared for–and both sisters will be surprised by what the prince wants to offer the one who best cherishes the gift.

The young women have dreams of being happy and loved. But how they see the gift–and themselves–will determine how that gift is treasured and what will remain of their dreams.

Apples of Gold is a powerful parable about the beauty of sexual purity and the prize that awaits those who are committed to the keeping of such a gift.