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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Feb 2008
Waterbrook Press

Closer Than Your Skin: Unwrapping the Mystery of Intimacy with God

by Susan D. Hill

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Susan D. Hillís Closer Than Your Skin: Unwrapping the Mystery of Intimacy with God encourages Christians to seek deeper personal encounters with their Heavenly Father. As followers of a faith based on the Bible, in which there are numerous accounts of the supernatural interacting with the natural man, Hill asserts that few Christians today experience many truly intimate connections with God. In this book, Hill shares some of her own experiences to show others the potential for developing a more personal, interactive relationship with God.

Largely autobiographical, Closer Than Your Skin could be a jumpy timeline of Hillís spiritual life, with her important encounters with God as significant dates. Included along with stories from Hillís life are inspirational quotes and stories from others that tie into each period in her spiritual journey. Hill does not write as another theologian or pastor, but as an ordinary Christian with a powerful message. The book is easy to read, but poses much food for thought. Hillís intriguing storytelling abilities help deliver her message in an inspirational and entertaining way. A few chapters have so many stories that the main subject seems pushed aside, but Hillís overarching message is never watered down.

The first several chapters introduce and argue the need for Christians to be more intimate with God, and trace parts of Hillís own journey to the realization and application of this truth. These are probably the most powerful chapters of the entire book. Later, Hill writes about having to overcome religiosity, condemnation, and a lifestyle of overdoing in order to better develop this intimacy. She shares the things God has shown her throughout the years about different aspects of life, such as suffering, forgiveness, hearing God, marriage, parenting, and prayer.

Closer Than Your Skin is a valuable book with important points about a Christianís relationship with God. It is based on intriguing real-life stories and has a rarely addressed message, but seems to overemphasize dreams. The main points of some chapters get bogged down under all the stories, but the real message of the book is clearly portrayed throughout. I would recommend this book for most Christians, especially for women seeking a more intimate relationship with God. -- Laura A. Coulter,

Book Jacket:

Is God really like a father who cares about the details of our everyday lives? Then why does He often seem so far away, distant in the moments when we could most use a personal touch from Him?

So many of us have lived in that unspoken longing. In these incredible stories, youíll see how one person found that God is not always content to wait for us to discover Him amid the clutter of life. Instead, when we simply hold out our hands, He illuminates our ordinary world and gives us new eyes to see.

Closer Than Your Skin traces the journey of an ordinary Christian who longed to move beyond the trappings of faith to genuine life with God. Her story reveals how to overcome the obstacles that most often block such intimate connection. Through this remarkable account, youíll gain tangible insight into what a daily, vibrant companionship with the Creator really feels like once you wake up to the eternal reality all around you.