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Jacketed Hardcover
32 pages
Apr 2007
Tommy Nelson

Gigi, God's Little Princess #4: The Pink Ballerina

by Sheila Walsh

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As the fourth book in the Gigi, God's Little Princess series, The Pink Ballerina continues the story of the young girl named Gigi, her childish adventures, imaginings, and dreams. Gigi is a highly emotional child who actually has convinced herself that she is a real princess, and, as a result, she gets herself involved in some misadventures.

In this book, Gigi's mother decides to sign up Gigi and her best friend Frances for dance lessons at a ballet studio. After all, Psalm 149:3 says to "Praise his name in dance," so what could go wrong with such a biblically charming idea, right? Well, for a fact, a lot goes wrong. Gigi discovers that she is not a naturally coordinated individual, and that to become a talented ballerina takes hours and hours of painful exercises, rehearsals, practice sessions, and stage presentations. And, although Gigi does give it a real effort, she does not succeed. However, in the process, she discovers something more valuable: God loves her even when she cannot do everything perfectly.

This is a comical yet warm story that is well written, with a fun and engaging storyline that can be enjoyed by girls from ages 5 to 15. Rachel Smyth, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Gigi and her best friend, Frances, take their first dance lesson after Gigi reads half of a verse in Psalms about praising God in dance. With reluctant practice and awkward help from Tiara (her new dog) and Lord Fluffy (her not-so-cooperative cat), Gigi struggles to dance perfectly to God proud of her. Then Gigi learns that God looks at our hearts, not how perfectly we do things, and that God is proud of us when we are kind to others.