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336 pages
Sep 2008
Thomas Nelson

Boomtown: Chang's Famous Fireworks

by Nowan N. Particular

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Youíre in for a blast when you read this one! A real blast, as well as an exploding mystery will keep you reading this Boomtown saga.

All of Boomtown, Oregon, is rife with explosions - after all, it owes its very existence to a fireworks factory. A pastor comes to town to take up a pastorate, which seems to have had an awful lot of ministers who - well, to put it mildly - boomed and then had to be replaced. Not only is the town volatile, this pastorís children tend to be that way too. Itís hard for him to keep up with everything, especially the mystery surrounding his thirteen-year-old son, Johnny, and all the other TNT type boys he gets to know.

Buried within this wild plot are many lessons about Christians coping with each other, and the best ways of providing the hospitality endorsed by 1 Peter 4:9: ďBe ungrudgingly hospitable to one another.Ē As the plot grows, other Christian ideas grow, including living life without fear, and little is much when God is in it. All that is required of the reader is to enjoy this book. The Christian lessons will just surface on their own.

Changís FireworksÖ makes canít-put-it-down reading for the individual. It also lends itself magnificently to being read out loud. In the introduction, Marty Longe (oops, I mean Nowen N. Particular) introduces you to all the authors he loves: from C.S. Lewis to Roald Dahl, from J. R. R. Tolkien to Dr. Seuss, and beyond. If you are observant youíll recognize their handprints in this book. -- Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Imagine a place where everyone's favorite thing to do is blow stuff up . . . that's Boomtown.

This is a humerous mystery and adventure story that kids (especially boys) will love to read! Boomtown is the home of Chang's Famous Fireworks factory, the Slush Olympics, the "Fighting Slugs" football team, rocket reindeer, and flying barber chairs. Boomtown is a humorous tall tale about a fictional town and its odd residents, written to capture the attention and inspire the imagination of intermediate readers. It's a fun read. However, underneath the humorous veneer, Boomtown asks and answers the question, "What does a healthy community look like?" The main characters struggle as they learn to trust their neighbors.

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