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128 pages
Jun 2005
J Countryman

A Love That Won't Walk Away

by Kathy Troccoli

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Singer, writer, and public speaker Kathy Troccoli has written a book that serves as a beautifully crafted reminder that Christ never stops caring for His children. In A Love That Wonít Walk Away, Troccoli shares her personal reflections on life, favorite verses of Scripture, and best-loved elements of poetry and art. The book breathes warmth from every page. On the cover there is a quotation meant to be the overarching theme of the book: ďI will never leave you. Ė God.Ē That, to Troccoli, is what it comes down to, since there is no other love on earth to compare with it.

With an easy-to-read style of writing and an eye-friendly format, this book can be read relatively quickly and, if youíre like me, re-read several times. Although some readers might accuse the book of lacking narrative drive, I found the laid-back tempo very comforting. Itís a good book to carry in your purse for those long waits in line, because you can open it and pick up at nearly any spot. Whereas there have been many other books written on this topic, such as Authentic Beauty and Captivating, never before have I seen it approached with such simplicity and loveliness.

Although she is well able to speak on this topic based on her own life experiences, Troccoli does not rely solely on her personal insights. After summarizing her lifeís walk with Jesus, she adds dashes of poetry, snippets of song lyrics, and visual images that span from roses in bloom to vast mountain ranges. She somehow simmers all of this in the purifying waters of Scripture. The result is a blissful fragrance of freshness, encouragement, and wisdom.

Even with its artistic flair, the book still has structure. It is separated into three specific sections: Our Tendency to Leave and Be Left, Godís Tendency to Come and to Stay, and Our Peace Is to Live in Godís Love. The material would be moving to anyone, but it will particularly strike a chord in the hearts of women readers. This book doesnít set out to analyze or be analyzed; rather, it springs from the impact the Lord has had on one womanís heart and how she now wants to reach out to others. All in all, this book is an invitation for readers to experience that genuine love that, indeed, will never walk away. -- Lauren Steigerwald, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

People fail.

People are conditional.

But God is waiting to give the assurance that, in a world that is uncertain, He is certain. Even after times of immense joy or incredibly deep sadness, He will never walk away from His Beloved.

So, how do we grasp Godís promise to love us and never walk away? First of all, we remind ourselves of the scriptural foundation through which God speaks to us and commits his undying love.

In addition to this study of Godís word and the telling of the authorís own experiences in this area, the reader will be led by the author through real journeys of everyday people who have discovered a way to make the clichť a reality. Rejection is certainly not limited to romantic relationships, as you will see in many of these stories. Acknowledging that Godís love will never walk away has transformed their lives in every conceivable way and it can transform yours as well.

In this book, readers will embrace a newfound acceptance of Godís love and mercy, find new concepts for approaching relationships, be assured of incredible comfort, and rekindle their deepest hope