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208 pages
Mar 2010
Thomas Nelson

No Greater Love: a 90-Day Devotional to Strengthen Your Marriage

by Russ Rice & Brad Silverman

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Russ W. Rice, executive producer, and Brad J. Silverman, co-writer and director of the movie No Greater Love, team up with Lisa Guest, a veteran writer on family issues, to create the corresponding devotional/marriage manual No Greater Love: a 90-Day Devotional to Strengthen Your Marriage. With divorce rampant among Christians as well as non-Christians, the authors seek to help couples shore up the foundations of their marriages with advice from the Designer Himself through the Scriptures.

This devotional emphasizes love, as defined through personal commitment to Christ and the marriage, spiritual growth together, traditional roles, good communication, marriage protection, and fun as a couple. The format includes an opening passage of Scripture, brief and to-the-point; an informal, expressive prayer; a quotation, usually from a spiritual leader; and two “Love in Action” suggestions in which the husband and wife reinforce the spiritual truths they’ve studied through discussion and/or going to the zoo, writing love notes, and giving back rubs. The authors, in their introduction, testify to the powerful way God worked in their own marriages as they wrote No Greater Love, exploring issues and looking for biblical answers.

They point out the bewilderment most couples experience after saying “I do”: “Few, if any, brides or grooms have any idea what they’re really getting into.” With devotionals entitled “Road Map for Marriage,” “Love’s Long Fuse,” “You Can’t Read My Mind?” and “Worth the Wait,” Rice, Silverman, and Guest give practical advice to help married couples learn to love as they grow up together in Christ.

The writing of Rice and Silverman, both of Coram Deo Studios, no doubt benefits from Guest’s balancing feminine point-of-view, but a masculine outlook flavors the book. (e.g., none of the ninety quotations come from women). Some Christian readers will find the emphasis on husband/wife roles a bit heavy. But husbands who need strong, specific direction to ignite their walk with Christ and with their spouses may welcome No Greater Love more than many devotionals that favor a woman’s perspective.

Overall, No Greater Love is an attractive, down-to-earth Christian devotional/guidebook that will encourage young and seasoned marriages alike to grow in love for each other and their Lord. – Rachel Phillips,

Book Jacket:

Inspired by the heartwarming movie No Greater Love, executive producer Russ Rice and co-writer and director Brad Silverman have created this 90-day devotional for couples to help husbands and wives dig deeper into the mystery of marriage, addressing what it means to truly love your spouse in the sacrificial and unconditional way God loves us. Each devotion invites couples to keep God at the center of their relationship, to improve their communication skills, and to strengthen their commitment to each other. Topics include commitment, trust, truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, and more. Each devotion offers a real-life snapshot from marriage, questions for discussion, and action points. A couple’s marriage will not be the same after these ninety days. Why? Because there is no greater love between two people than a love grounded in and empowered by God’s love.