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Trade Paperback
171 pages
Aug 2004
Trafford Publishing

Something's On the Boil: A Discovery of Prayer and Healing

by Josephus L. van den Hoek D.C.

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In Something’s On The Boil: A Discovery Of Prayer And Healing, Josephus L. van den Hoek plunges into the mysterious realm of sickness and healing, making himself transparent by sharing the experiences, beliefs, and doubts he has gained from working internationally as a chiropractor.

As we follow the author's journey to unearth the truth about healing, he treats patients, witnesses healing, and faces his own misgivings. Whereas most of us hide our uncertainties about theological issues, van den Hoek openly and humbly shares from his heart what confuses him.

After questioning for so long, he realizes that, in our humanness, we fail to understand how much the spiritual world affects our physical world. He states that we have a "natural reflex" to reach for painkillers instead of turning to prayer. We don't receive healing from God simply because we don't place enough faith in His healing power.

The author fuses two different worlds--the medical and the spiritual--to provide answers about healing. His practical list of guidelines on how to pray for healing is especially helpful for those dealing with others who are ill.

Despite many of the good points made, the lack of orderliness and the excessiveness of many of the book's stories slowed my reading. This book could have been reduced to a magazine article and still have carried the same message effectively. Because the author made so many detours, taking him longer to reach a certain point, I often ended up frustrated and was tempted to stop reading.

If you can wade through the unnecessary and excessive parts of this book, you will find that van den Hoek's beliefs are laid on firm biblical foundations. He has put into words what we need to hear but were afraid to ask or say ourselves. Overall, this book could be compared to a pile of brightly colored puzzle pieces--all of the insight is within the book, but its lack of order prevents it from being an eye-catching work of art. -- Courtney Stoppenhagen, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Something's on the Boil is an expression used to suggest that something is happening, something is 'in the works,' or 'there is something going on.'

Something's On the Boil is an intriguing look at Christian Healing principles. You will be confronted with the way you look at health, healing, fear and doubt. Something's On the Boil will lead you on a path encouraging you to expand your mindsets about prayer, health and illness.

This book is spiritual, practical, knowledgeable, humorous and challenging for anyone who is looking for answers about God and illness.

Something's On the Boil is written to encourage anyone who has reason to pray for healing and has a most unique invitation to converse with the author.