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Trade Paperback
216 pages
May 2005
Pleasant Word

Save Perfection for Heaven

by Jana Conrad

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Save Perfection for Heaven is sage advice as well as the title of Jana Conrad’s book about down-to-earth interior design. The author weaves general information about decorating the home with a general spiritual sprucing up.

Conrad’s exuberance is evident in her many exclamation points and her creative photo on the back cover. Though a self-professed non-expert in the culinary arts, she included a handful of useful recipes. Her ideas on page 135 for creating unique coat racks for a variety of functions and décor were clever. I picked up the book looking for concrete, fresh ideas like that.

Conrad demonstrates her belief that decorating is a form of worship by loosely basing her chapters on the days of creation. Knitting the topics of interior design with spiritual growth was a promising premise for this project, but I felt both topics could have been better developed.

Some points in the chapter on marriage were the author’s opinion rather than biblical.

“Sure-fire way (sic) to get what you want and keep your man happy:
• Let him make the final decision.
“Honey, I bought these three lamps. I like them all and I thought you could make the final decision and I will return the other two.”
• Embrace the decision he makes.
“Oh, I am so glad you picked that one – it is the best lamp!”
• Choose to make his decision your own.

"It is easier to do this when you only give them (sic) choices you really can live with. Then they are making a decision you like. If you realize that you don’t like one of the choices you gave him – and that is the one he chooses – grin and bear it! Then decide to like it.

"Chapter Eight Recipe: How to Keep Your Man Happy: Make Cookies!”

Save Perfection for Heaven offers a broad sweep of information on the subjects rather than fresh, new material. Rabbit trails, split infinitives, page-long paragraphs, and occasional redundancies distract from the premises. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

SAVE PERFECTION FOR HEAVEN is a confidence building guide for those who want to find the decorator within. The best place to learn design is from The Designer. This book brings to light the Bible’s great decorating insight along with powerful applications to our spiritual walk. This manuscript is for every woman who thinks God left the creative gene out when He made her! The book clarifies how we relate to decorating using our five senses. It also shares how God spells out in the six days of creation a roadmap for every woman to become a true designer.