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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Dec 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

Radical Forgiveness

by Julie Ann Barnhill

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‘Everyone and everything can be forgiven’ is the theme of Julie Ann Barnhill’s latest book, Radical Forgiveness. Many have condemned themselves so strongly in areas of their lives, that all hope has been lost for a complete cleansing. This book will show this just is not true.

The use of scripture throughout the book assures beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s forgiveness is so radical, it covers even those hidden spots no one knows about. Julie speaks in such a conversational style you can almost hear her voice. You can picture her sitting next to you assuring that due to the forgiveness and grace waiting, sin confessed and turned from is a beautiful thing. Julie’s honesty, vulnerability, and understanding of grace make her more than qualified to write this book.

Leading by example, Julie shows how to face what we really need to face: we are a mess. She writes, “All of us need to embrace the messy reality of our existence, for nothing can happen until we admit it.” She leads us there by going first and revealing some of what makes her life a mess. She reveals fact and fiction about forgiveness, and how what we say and what we really mean sometimes are two completely different things. She then gives insight on how to master the mind games we play, and how real girlfriends can make our paths so much smoother.

What an excellent book! Its strength lies in Julie’s ability to relate simply one woman to another. She reveals that there is not one thing hidden that could be beyond God’s willingness and desire to forgive. If you are a woman who has things concealed, if shame has a hold on any part of you, if you want a friend to help you understand how radical God’s forgiveness really is, I suggest you read this book. -- Sheri Carlstrom, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Total freedom.

Complete cleansing.

Satisfying results.

That’s God’s radical forgiveness! But what does it look like in your life? What does it mean to really forgive those who have hurt you? To forgive yourself for the dumb things you’ve done? To forgive God for what he has—or hasn’t—done?

Radical Forgiveness will help you understand personally the profound, life-changing power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross...and the resulting forgiveness that’s so compelling, so radical, that you can’t help but be “stopped in your tracks” by it.

With gutsy honesty, humor, and her friendly, sassy style, Julie Ann Barnhill reveals how you can live with a lighter heart in spite of your burdens. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll empathize—because you’ll see yourself.

Radical Forgiveness will transform your thoughts and relationships for good!