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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Mar 2005
Tyndale House Publishers

Flee The Night

by Susan May Warren

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Lacey has a secret and someone is willing to kill to get it. Lacey wakes up after a train wreck to find her daughter missing and her wrist handcuffed to a bed. She knows the only reason she is still alive is because the wreck stopped a man who was planning to kill her.

Accused of murdering someone on the train, Lacey calls for help to Jim Micah the only man on earth she trusts. He hangs up on her.

Susan May Warren starts her book off by setting the stakes so high its hard to look away. Jim Micah is sent into a tailspin by the call from the only woman hes ever loved. The woman who rejected him, married his best friend, and then killed him.

Hows that for conflict?

With no one to trust and no one to help her save her daughter, Lacey sets out to do it herself. Well trained in espionage, she knows all the right moves and keeps one step ahead of arrest. Meanwhile a powerful criminal wants the encryption software Lacey is developing, that will help terrorists reveal America spies. Someone in her classified undercover unit is a mole and hes trying to hang Lacey before she can find out his identity.

I just cant give much more facts in this review without giving too much away. Were already eyeball deep in trouble by the end of the first page. The trouble starts early and keeps going.

This is a tense thriller with two heroes that trust no one, least of all each other--I highly recommend Flee the Night. Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The past could not have picked a worse time to find her.

When Lacey Montgomery boarded the train with her six-year-old daughter, she never expected to wake up hours later handcuffed to a hospital bed and under investigation by the National Security Agency. Lacey, an ex-CIA operative, is a liar, a murderer, and a fugitive. Or is she? With no idea whether her daughter is alive or dead and nowhere to turn for help, Lacey contacts the one man she believes she can trust. A man who is convinced that Lacey betrayed her country and murdered her own husband.

Now Lacey must prove to Jim Micah, an ex-Green Beret, that she is not who he thinks she is. As Micah is drawn further into Laceys world of aliases, covert ops, and espionage, he must face the questions and pain of his own past.

Only by trusting God and daring to trust each other can Lacey and Micah flee the secrets of the night.