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Trade Paperback
318 pages
Sep 2005

Escape to Morning (Team Hope #2)

by Susan May Warren

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Search and Rescue canine handler Dannette Lundeen and her dog Missy come across a body while combing the woods for an Alzheimer’s patient. When Will Masterson nearly runs over Missy, she accepts the meal he offers in apology, only to find out he’s a reporter. Previous experience with bad press causes her to vacate the premises – immediately.

But Dannette doesn’t know that Will is an undercover Homeland Security agent, and the man she found dead was his contact inside a terrorist cell hiding in the Minnesota wilderness. Only one person holds the key to preventing a terrorist attack – a young girl with the code name Amina. When the search for the missing girl causes Will and Dannette’s paths to cross again, they form a truce and tentative friendship. Will wonders if his wild past will come calling, and if Dannette can get past his present deceit. But his main concern is keeping her alive, as the terrorists also search the woods for Amina.

A gripping tale that sparkles with suspense, romance, and a strong spiritual message. Warren pulls no punches with creating characters who grab at your heart and a plot that accelerates your breathing. The pace of the story never lags throughout the long search, and well-written dialog adds to the novel’s immediacy. The timely issue of terrorism makes the series especially relevant, and, though second in the Team Hope series, this novel can be read on its own. Appropriate for both men and women, this book is a must for Dee Henderson fans. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Will Masterson prayed that his lies would save lives. . . .

Homeland Security Agent Will Masterson has been operating under some guise or another most of his life—sheriff’s son, troublemaker, Green Beret, and now homeland hero. Working undercover as a journalist, Will’s on the hunt for a terrorist cell threatening U.S. security. With a deadline looming, he must find a defector with the keys to the plot.

Dannette Lundeen and her Search and Rescue dog, Missy, have one mission: track a teenage girl lost in the woods. The last thing Dani needs is a nosy journalist on her tail. She’ll ditch him before she’ll let a reporter destroy another person’s life.

As Will’s and Dannette’s missions collide and the clock to disaster ticks down, they must find a way to work together. But if they’re not careful, they might find that in the darkest hour they need each other . . . and that love is waiting if they can just escape to morning.