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Trade Paperback
448 pages
Oct 2005
Tyndale House Publishers

The One Year Book of Hope

by Nancy Guthrie

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Author Nancy Guthrie understands the depth of grief, but she also knows the power of hope. In this book, she comes alongside readers to share her experiences, thoughts, and most importantly, her belief in a merciful God. Each page is like a gentle hug, as her words breathe life from the precious promises of the Bible.

The book is arranged around fifty-two themes, which encourages daily reading for a year. However, the authorís sensitivity to sorrow has led her not to include days of the week or dates with each section. She realizes that grief has no timetable and therefore her words may be read slowly or with greater urgency, depending on the individual

There is a gradual progression in these pages, as the first theme acknowledges the brokenhearted and the last entry is on letting go. Throughout the book, the reader will come face to face with different aspects of the healing process while their attention is always directed toward a vibrant hope in God.

However, the heart of this book is the heart of the author. Her personal acquaintance with grief makes her compassionately qualified to minister to others. She has sought answers and comfort, and through her experiences, she has also learned a great deal about hoping in the Lord. Her spiritual insights, which were gleaned from serious study of the Scriptures, lead readers through the darkness of sorrow to the light of victory. Her words are trustworthy because she has been tried in the furnace of affliction.

Grace, beauty, and truth flow from these pages. Although sorrow is never trivialized, the author consistently causes the reader to look ever onward and upward to the Source of all comfort and hope. And thatís the perfect way to spend every day of the year! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Dare to hope when life has let you down.

In this life, pain and disappointment are real. Maybe youíve been wounded by a family member or friend. Perhaps you know the pain of losing someone you love or of a difficult medical diagnosis. Sometimes we need to know thereís hope for when life just hurts.

Nancy Guthrie knows what it is like to hurt, sometimes so much that there arenít words to describe the pain. She offers no trite answers or quick cures. Just remarkable, hopeful insights from the depths of her experiences. Over the course of the next year, sheíd like to be your daily companion in your pursuit of Godís hope.

In this book you will find:

  • Daily HOPE-filled devotions to help you grow closer to the Source of all comfort
  • Opportunities to dig deeper into Scripture
  • Weekly reflection questions and meditations to help you focus on the Giver of all good things
  • Weekly guided prayers
Whether youíre experiencing sharp pain or a throbbing ache that you haul around with you year after year, day after day, The One Year Book of Hope will guide you toward healing, peace, and most of all, the God of all comfort and hope.