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Trade Paperback
448 pages
May 2006
Tyndale House Publishers

Paid in Blood

by Mel Odom

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A dead NCIS agent and a cache of illegal military weapons lead Commander Will Coburn's NCIS team on an international hunt with stakes bigger than the team can imagine in Mel Odom's Paid in Blood. Even as they follow the suspected weapons dealer, their suspect is grabbed by a prominent South Korean drug dealer's thugs. Then someone murders both the suspect and the thugs. When one of their team member dies trying to prevent the theft of the suspect's body from a U.S. military morgue, the hunt becomes personal.

As they pursue the case, the team faces attempted murders of themselves and witnesses. They face down drug dealers and find complications in Colombia, Russia, and the Middle East. The investigation leads to a conspiracy to engulf the world in World War III.

Odom develops his characters well with realistic friendships, tensions, and problems. Commander Coburn's wife serves him with divorce papers as he leaves for South Korea. Tough "guys," Maggie Foley and Shel McHenry, have problems with their parents. Estrella Montoya, the team's computer whiz, is a single mom trying to raise a young son by herself following her husband's suicide, and Dr. Nita Tomlinson, the team's medical examiner, struggles with alcohol and a marriage that she is driving to ruin. Only Frank Billings, Will's number two, seems to have his life and relationships together.

Taking advantage of the popular interest in forensic science, Odom uses his crime scene investigative background to write a military page-turner. He also draws on current international tensions to create a suspenseful story that is hard to put down. Though the plot is complicated, and, at points, borders on bizarre, Odom smoothes out the wrinkles with skill. My only real problem with the series is that Tyndale House plans to limit it to only two books. With Odom's characterization and plotting ability, two is simply not enough! – Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Political unrest blankets the world.

An NCIS agent is found murdered in North Carolina. A U.S. Marine with ties to the South Korean black market is assassinated in Chinhae. Colombian cocaine is discovered in Moscow. And old Soviet nuclear missiles have gone missing.

For NCIS agent Will Coburn, the evidence points to a single horrifying conclusion. The world’s worst nightmare has come true. An international terrorist has acquired stolen nuclear weapons, and now the fate of the world lies in his hands.

The stage is set for world destruction. Only Will Coburn and his team of dedicated NCIS agents can stop it. But time is running out.

This groundbreaking new novel from best-selling author Mel Odom moves from the Middle East to Japan, from the U.S. to South Korea, from a remote village in eastern Russia to the South China Sea. Will Coburn and his team must fight against a countdown to global decimation as they race to uncover the face of true evil.

No one is safe!