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384 pages
Jul 2010
Tyndale House

The Last Operative

by Jerry Jenkins

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Jordan Kirkwood, an operative for the National Security Agency in Jerry Jenkins’s The Last Operative, has two problems. First, his career has distanced him from his family and from God. Second, he’s the only one who can prevent a deadly attack on the United States, and international terrorists are trying to kill him before he can do so. As Jordan struggles to survive his most crucial assignment yet, he is forced to face ugly truths about himself and those around him. The security of his country depends on his ability to stop the terrorists, but when a woman from his past appears, Jordan is forced to depend on someone he doesn’t know whether he can trust.

Jenkins is known for his page-turning style, and this novel does not disappoint. The non-stop action drives the plot forward, but the focus on Jordan’s relationships with his friends and family also add interest and keep Jordan from seeming like a flat, two-dimensional figure. At times, details of the plot seem overly complicated, but the main storyline is intriguing and suspenseful. Flashbacks are integrated seamlessly into the present-day action, and they contribute to the development of unique, strong characters. Dialogue is snappy, and characters react to situations in realistic ways, using their own distinct voices.

At a deeper level, The Last Operative is about a man who has put his job as an NSA agent over his roles as father, nephew, friend, and child of God. Through some painful events, Jordan realizes his mistakes, and by the end of the book he has made a commitment to work on his relationship with his family. His spiritual life is not given such a neat, clear conclusion, but it is implied that as he learns how to love others, he will also learn to love God more. While the consequences of his mistakes aren’t minimized, grace is clearly evident, as it says in 1 John 1:7, “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” – Amy Green,

Book Jacket:

Jordan Kirkwood wants to go quietly into the sunset. His career as an NSA intelligence officer has taken a significant toll. His two adult children are little more than distant acquaintances. His wife has been patient and supportive, but he knows she has deserved better. That was part of the reason they were going to London. He wanted her to see Europe like a tourist. But that was before he was given intelligence information during the recent mission to Germany. The threat is grave—bigger than 9/11. And the risk is compounded by the fact that someone inside the NSA is involved. The most hidden place in Kirkwood’s past will have to be unmasked in order to meet the challenges of this mission.