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Trade Paperback
448 pages
Apr 2006
Tyndale House Publishers


by Angela Elwell Hunt

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In Angela Hunt’s latest book, Magdalene, readers are drawn back in time to experience the life of Mary Magdalene. Because of the actions of her strong-willed son, she finds herself alone after Roman soldiers murder her family members and set her house on fire. Mary sees no purpose in continuing with life other than bringing justice to the men responsible for the death of her husband, son, and precious baby. The restitution she seeks is not easily gained from the Roman rulers. Mary finds herself under the influence of demon possession until she is spared from their nagging voices by a man named Jesus. What starts out as a revengeful pursuit turns into a journey of forgiveness.

If readers have never heard the story of Mary Magdalene, or even if they know every detail, Hunt has a way of drawing them in. She brings Mary’s emotions to life and makes readers feel as if they are right beside her, encountering everything together. Hunt uses a fictitious format to enhance the understanding of this biblical story.

This book is intriguing from the beginning and continues to peak interest with many scenes and episodes that keep the reader desiring to discover what lies on the next page. It captures multiple audiences by appealing to those who are fans of Bible-based fiction and anyone who likes a well-written, suspense-filled novel. If you are thinking about reading this book, stop thinking about it--pick it up and be ready for a powerful, dramatic, fresh account of this often-told biblical story. -- Alyssa Curry, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The controversial woman with a past only one Man could forgive. A true love story that changed the face of history.

“I was Miryam of Magdala, seller of fine fabrics and wife of Yaakov the fisherman. With my husband and son, I held a place of honor among my countrymen until a company of rogue soldiers took everything from me. I might not be Roman, but I knew injustice when I saw it. And I had been most grievously wronged.”

In an era when women are sequestered and silenced, Miryam of Magdala lives a contended life until her son’s careless gesture evokes a hostile action that shatters her serenity. With no hope of justice, Miryam commits and unthinkable act…and descends into depths of darkness that threaten her life and her sanity.

Even after Yeshua the Messiah dramatically restores her life, Miryam can neither forget nor forgive unresolved injustices. Prodded by a hunger for vengeance she will not deny, this woman of uncommon courage risks her life and her heart by drawing destiny into her own hands.