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160 pages
Nov 2006
Tyndale House Publishers

Sacred Obsession

by Becky Tirabassi

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Sacred Obsession by Becky Tirabassi is a beautiful 5x7 inch hardcover book wherein Becky shares her personal journey, from a wayward and sin-worn young woman on the brink of suicide, back to the arms of God. She tells her famous story of rushing into a church building to ask for help and being lead to Christ by the church janitor. Her book is a message of hope for the lost and also for the Christian who has fallen into sin and out of love with Jesus. The main thought of the book is summed up in this line: “What you chase after—you become.”

The book has three main divisions the first of which is called Unholy Passions. This segment is about the passions people have given themselves to and how these things—alcohol, drugs, pornography, illicit sex, eating disorders—take over men’s hearts, souls, and minds, and rob them of liberty as well as the joy and beauty of life (Romans 6:16).

The second part of the book is called Public Confession—Personal Revival. Tirabassi speaks about how public confession can bring healing. She says personal revival is costly and requires a person to turn away from his sin—to repent and go in an entirely new direction (James 5:16).

The third section is titled Holy Affection and challenges the reader to follow Jesus Christ—to passionately live out each day in the pursuit of the person of Christ (Philippians 1:21). Tirabassi’s love of God comes through in her writing as it does when she speaks at colleges and churches nationwide. Her goal is to point others to the hope of a godly, joyful, passion filled life in following Christ through spending time with Him in prayer, worship, and diligent Bible study.

The author, founder of Burning Hearts, Inc., challenges Christians and non-Christians alike to gain courage, strength, and resolve for change through renouncing unholy passions and becoming obsessed with the sacred. I recommend the book for anyone struggling to find freedom from sin and defeat in life and anyone who wants to build an authentic and closer relationship with God. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Our deepest desire is for the love, peace, hope, and completeness that only Christ can supply. Popular author Becky Tirabassi speaks of the things that drive and control our lives, those things that we desire and pursue at all costs. Then Becky tells us how we can overcome the obsessive passions that distract us from God--and replace them with holy obsession. Becky speaks to both Christians and seekers with content that is relevant content to today's culture.