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172 pages
Jan 2007

Finding God in the Story of Amazing Grace

by Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware

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Amazing Grace. Just the mention of those two words brings to mind one of the most familiar and beloved hymns ever written. Yet as stirring as the song is, the story of its author John Newton is also powerful. Combine Newton’s story with that of William Wilberforce and a compelling book would be inevitable. That perfectly describes Finding God in the Story of Amazing Grace, the latest book in the Finding God series by Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware.

Many readers may already be familiar with Newton’s background as a slave trader who embraces Christianity and becomes a renowned preacher. But Bruner and Ware provide insight into selected aspects of Newton’s life that illustrate various forms of grace, such as Preserving Grace, Illuminating Grace, and Growing Grace. Each chapter begins with the re-creation of a scene enhanced by some creative speculation, and then the factual support is explored.

In Part 2, the focus shifts to Wilberforce. His aunt and uncle had become friends of Newton and he often visited in their home. From those early encounters, a bond developed between Newton and Wilberforce that would be the foundation for Wilberforce’s rise to leadership in abolishing slavery in England. His charitable works with prisons and hospitals also led to reforms. Once again, the authors tie the events of Wilberforce’s life to aspects of grace, including Sufficient Grace, Changing Grace, and Calling Grace.

Individually, the stories of Newton and Wilberforce are inspirational and moving. But when Bruner and Ware show how these two lives became interwoven and led to such great accomplishments, it only reinforces how amazing God’s grace truly is. – Jeff Friend, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Before the world-famous hymn, there was the story of amazing grace that liberated a nation.

Nineteenth-century England was blind to the evils of slavery, but one man was determined to make them see. Another man set in his wicked career was transformed by God’s amazing grace and went on to pen one of the most beloved hymns of all time. In the captivating true stories of William Wilberforce, a crusading politician, and John Newton, a notorious slave trader, the best-selling coauthors of the Finding God series once again uncover God’s hidden agenda.

From the stormy Atlantic seas to the raging fury of the British parliament, Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware explore the deep, grace-filled truths in this real-life adventure. Along the way, the authors reveal God’s grace in our everyday struggles and show how He uses even the smallest of events and weakest of individuals to carry out his ultimate plan in this world.

Be inspired by the way God’s grace changed two men who went on to change their world. Be encouraged by how God’s grace can work covertly to transform yours.