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288 pages
Feb 2008

Choosing Your Faith: In a World of Spiritual Options

by Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel

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Life is full of choices, most of which are small and essentially insignificant, such as which color shirt to wear today or which brand of toothpaste to buy. But what about choices with eternal significance that need to be explored and researched before making a final decision? In Choosing Your Faith, Mark Mittelberg leads his readers through the process of discovering what they believe about their faith, why they believe it, and if those beliefs will ultimately be valid.

Mittelberg begins by tackling the obvious question: Why choose any faith at all? He acknowledges that organized religions have had some dark and ugly episodes through history, but establishing a valid belief system remains a critical basis for a person’s life. So Mittelberg invites the reader to take the time to make sure that foundation is solid by examining and comparing the main paths of religion.

He spends considerable time explaining the six faith paths:

• Relativistic - subjective; created in the human mind; “it works for me and fits my other beliefs”

• Traditional – beliefs and traditions that have been handed down though generations

• Authoritarian – beliefs imposed by an authority figure or organization

• Intuitive – ideas from instincts, intuition, or “street sense”

• Mystical – based on encounters with supernatural beings or through mystical revelation

• Evidential – use of logic and sensory experience to evaluate beliefs

Mittelberg does an excellent job of guiding believers of all faiths (yes, even Christianity) into an honest retrospection of their beliefs and challenges them to keep digging deeper to decide for themselves if those beliefs are true. Naturally, he hopes the reader will decide that following Jesus Christ is the right choice, but he gradually builds to that point without attacking or belittling the reader’s current beliefs.-- Jeff Friend,

Book Jacket:

Do you know why you believe what you do? Inviting seekers and Christians alike on a journey of spiritual self-discovery, Mittelberg raises critical questions and offers keen insights. He encourages you to examine your faith through lenses of criteria including relativism, tradition, intuition, logic, and history. It may revolutionize your life!