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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Oct 2007
Tyndale House Publishers

Midnight Clear

by Jerry B. and Dallas Jenkins

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Midnight Clear, a collaboration between Jerry B. Jenkins and his son Dallas Jenkins, is one of those stories that readers like to think about at Christmas. The characters are all in some kind of trouble, whether from loneliness, job loss, or ministry frustration. They need help, and the only way they can all be helped is if they help each other. As each faces his or her own problems, somehow all of them learn from one another and are blessed.

The basic narrative in Midnight Clear is constructed using small sections told from the perspective of each character. They at first appear to have no connection to one another. However, as the book progresses and Christmas Eve continues toward midnight, the sections branch out. Each character becomes more involved and connected to the others. Breaking the storyline into different character perspectives helps to achieve this effect, however, the downside to this format is in the area of character development. The characters themselves are believable to the extent of their exposition. Still, the broken-up narrative allows less time to focus on each character than a standard novel would give. Their motivations are established early in the story and their dialogue is believable. They are easy to relate to and to care about, forming the best element of the book.

The driving force of Midnight Clear is its characters. Even though things happen to them, it is what they do and think that makes them interesting. I would class this book under “inspirational novel” and read it probably once a year. It reads quickly, gives you a kind of warm fuzzy feeling, and asks you to think about what the Christmas season means – for about twenty minutes. – Linette Yoder, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A middle-aged man, jobless and recently evicted.
An old woman estranged from her family. A frustrated youth pastor.
A young mother and son spending their first holiday alone since her husband’s accident.
And a gas station owner forced to work on a holiday.

But hope often comes when least expected. As midnight approaches, these five randomly cross paths, changing each others’ lives forever.

Midnight Clear is a modern-day parable about how seemingly insignificant acts of grace can make a profound difference.