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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Aug 2011

Muscular Faith

by Ben Patterson

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Muscular Faith by Ben Patterson is a challenge to the Christian reader to have a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Patterson begins by proving that as Christians, God calls his followers to have a vigorous faith and to be as one body with one goal. He then moves into explaining why Christians need to have a strong faith and what they should be prepared to face as obstacles in life. As Christians there will be difficulties, but God can use these difficulties to strengthen His children and to draw them closer to Him. Lastly, Patterson talks about traits that Christians need in order to have a muscular faith, such as devotion, focus, courage, and transparency.

Throughout the book, Patterson uses Paul as an example of someone who had muscular faith. He uses what Paul wrote in his epistles and shows how we modern-day Christians should apply that to our current lives. One aspect of God that Patterson uses throughout his book is the fact that God is a warrior. He quotes 1 Corinthians 15:55, “O death, where is your victory? O, death where is your sting?” He uses the analogy that our life is a battle and we need to be fully equipped for this conflict by having a strong faith. We need to be armed and prepared for the challenges life throws at us.

Muscular Strength is a book that will assist the reader in growing closer to Christ. The book is ideal for anyone 15 years old and up who wishes to honor the Lord by standing strong for Him and serving Him better. – Parker O’Leary,

Book Jacket:

The journey of faith can be risky and overwhelming. Yet we join up, knowing that with the challenge comes excitement, the sense of being fully alive, and the extremity of living a life completely sold out to Jesus. And our goal is to become spiritually strong enough to stand till the end. Author and teacher Ben Patterson calls you to develop muscular faith—the faith of a Jesus follower whose heart, soul, mind, and time are committed to a cause of supreme worth. Through biblical insight and wisdom, you’ll be equipped for the only fight that matters—doing the work of God against the snares and temptations of this world. You’ll build up your spiritual muscles on the hard road to glory . . . and become stronger than you ever knew you could be.