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384 pages
Jan 2009
Tyndale House Publishers

Blown Coverage

by Jason Elam with Steve Yohn

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Jason Elam and Steve Yohn have spun a compelling thriller, Blown Coverage, that revolves around Riley Covington, a Jason Bourne meets Tim Tebow type of character. In the latest installment of the “Riley Covington Thriller” series, Covington, a professional football player turned special-ops commando, finds himself the latest target of the violent Islamic terrorist group called “the Cause.” As attacks are unleashed against America, Covington must face life-changing decisions to protect the folks he loves.

Elam and Yohn unfold a fast-paced plot that keeps the reader engrossed. The story opens with intense action scenes and refuses to let the characters take a break as the key characters face one threat after another. The leader of “the Cause” is back again in this sequel, and he unleashes a plan to destroy America, as well as kill Riley Covington. Suddenly, “sleeper-cells” of terrorists are called into action across the country, unleashing deadly force. Covington confronts several difficult decisions in his quest to protect his family and friends. Covington uses John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” as guidance in fighting the sinister plot of the terrorists. This is especially evident as Covington sprints head-on into a flurry of bullets in order to protect his friends, creating a powerful climax.

Covington is a powerful character, devoted to his family and principles, yet he also faces real-life dilemmas in his romantic relationships, as well as feeling helpless in the wake of the attacks. There is a great balance of intense action and comic relief to keep the story rolling. However, the dialogue feels contrived at times, resulting in superficial characters. Also, the plot has the ability to strike fear into the minds of impressionable readers as seemingly normal Middle-Eastern-Americans are transformed into bomb-wielding terrorists at the simple word of a terrorist mastermind.

An exciting plot covers up some of the minor flaws of the novel, resulting in a story that keeps the reader entertained for all 357 pages. While no deep, life-changing lessons are imparted, the book is entertaining throughout and easy to read. is fantastic for anyone who enjoys the spy-thriller genre, especially males in the 14 to 24 age range. – Steven Groves,

Book Jacket:

Linebacker Riley Covington returns to another season of mini-camp for the Colorado Mustangs just as a wave of terrorist attacks begin to occur across the country. Sleeper cells are being awakened--likely by the leader of the Cause, who has recently escaped from captivity and is coordinating attacks not only on America but also on Riley and his loved ones. As Jim Hicks, Scott Ross, and the rest of the Counterterrorism Division follow leads in Europe, Riley goes on the offensive to draw out his attackers. But can the Cause be stopped before they're able to reach their ultimate goal?