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288 pages
May 2011
Tyndale House

Futurecast: What Today's Trends Mean for Tomorrow's World

by George Barna

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Futurecast by George Barna, self-admittedly more of an interpretation of present statistics than predictions, presents a clear statistical look at the Western society to which we contribute and shape. Many people drown in the information that is constantly being thrust through all forms of media. Barna has a drive to convince Christians to utilize that unprecedented access to available information as a way of discovering how to influence the world for Christ.

Barna turns his remarkable research into insights and statistics about religion, family life, multi-media, politics, science, and entertainment. He gives life to numbers. The numbers are always understood with ease and counterbalanced with a clear interpretation of the implications. Barna, head of a research institute and already a renowned author with more than 40 books published, proves that he has as much to say as ever.

Proverbs 1:5 says, "Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance," which is very apparent in Barna's pursuit of understanding the present in terms of Christianity. Barna uses his knowledge as a warning sign and points fervently to the path Christianity is taking, and more fervently to the one it should be taking. Barna sees the numbers he works with for what they are: real people.

The evidence Barna has gathered often reaffirms what we know or suspect, but it is also often startling and discomforting. The book remains applicable despite being based on data, and it gives a clearer understanding of the truth about our society. Any Christian who desires to achieve a greater understanding of the truth, and what to do about it, would greatly benefit from this book. – Kyle Carruthers,

Book Jacket:

The world and culture are changing at a pace beyond anything ever seen in history. But where will all these changes lead? What’s in store for our government, economy, families, and churches? Between the Internet and other news media, we’re getting a lot of opinions, but the challenge is finding accurate facts that give us a real sense of what’s happening—and what’s likely to come. In Futurecast, bestselling author and renowned researcher George Barna presents a timely look at the world we’re creating every day, and offers solid data to show the path our country is on and the emerging trends that will shape our world—and change each of our lives.