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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Aug 2011
Tyndale House

Dry as Rain

by Gina Holmes

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In Dry as Rain, Gina Holmes portrays a downpour of lies and betrayal, followed by cleansing drops of truth and forgiveness. The book begins with the main character cheating on his wife. His journey toward reconciliation follows, as he struggles to overcome his self-righteousness and guilt. In this novel, Holmes deals with the traumatic issues of infidelity and dishonesty in a way that leaves the reader hopeful.

In the beginning of the book, Eric Yoshida finds himself in a place he never expected to be—separated from his wife, covering up his affair, and camping in his friend Larry’s living room. When Eric’s wife loses her memories of recent events after a car accident, he thinks it might be his second chance at a good relationship with her. The book centers on Eric’s struggle to choose whether to continue his charade or to tell his wife the truth about what she can’t remember.

With straightforward narration and excellent dialogue, Dry as Rain is a compelling story. Holmes has a talent for building tense and emotional scenes until the reader feels like she is there in the room. The intensity of the arguments and friendship between Eric and Larry exemplify Holmes’s gift for writing quality dialogue. Eric’s interactions with his wife throughout the book highlight his internal struggle between truth and lies, guilt and forgiveness. Eric’s defining moment comes while he is sitting in a bus with Larry. The guilt of his sin is weighing him down like a soaked blanket. In that moment, all of Larry’s words about truth and forgiveness penetrate Eric’s heart and he rediscovers the cleansing power of the gospel. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins” (1 John 1:9).

Holmes doesn’t shy away from describing Eric’s flaws. Through the story, he struggles constantly with poor communication, needing to be in control, and avoiding the truth. These flaws can’t be ignored, but the reader still develops sympathy for Eric. Holmes conveys Eric’s raw emotion and deep confusion in a way that enables the reader to form a deep connection with him.

Far from a starry-eyed romance, Dry as Rain is a thunderstorm. This book probes the depths of pain and heartache in family relationships. For this reason, those looking for a simple, pleasant plot would do better to leave this book on the shelf. Dry as Rain soaked me with its spray, compelling me to stop and think about the messages it presented. I didn’t walk away from Dry as Rain with the warm-fuzzies, but I did walk away with hope. Gina Holmes guides her readers through the storm of infidelity, reminding them that the Truth will, indeed, set them free. – Kristin Schwartz,

Book Jacket:

From the bestselling author of Crossing Oceans comes a powerfully moving story that tests the limits of love’s forgiveness. Like many marriages, Eric and Kyra Yoshida’s has fallen apart slowly, one lost dream and misunderstanding at a time, until the ultimate betrayal finally pushes them beyond reconciliation. Just when it looks like forgive and forget is no longer an option, a car accident gives Eric the second chance of a lifetime. A concussion causes his wife to forget details of her life, including the chasm between them. No one knows when—or if—Kyra’s memory will return, but Eric seizes the opportunity to win back the woman he’s never stopped loving.