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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Aug 2012
Tyndale House Publishers

The Breakthrough

by Jerry Jenkins

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Detective Boone Drake is back in action in The Breakthrough, the final book in the Precinct 11 trilogy by Jerry B. Jenkins. In the first book, The Brotherhood, Boone, a detective in the Gang Enforcement Section of the Chicago Police Department (CPD), masterminded the most massive sting in CPD history. Book two, The Betrayal, picked up with Boone recovering from his near-fatal wounds sustained at the end of The Brotherhood and searching for the source of the leak in the upper echelons of the CPD that led to the near-assassination of the key witness and Boone’s injuries. In The Breakthrough, now-Chief Drake (the youngest bureau chief in CPD history), head of the city’s Major Case Squad, takes temporary leave from the CPD to identify the key players in an international human trafficking ring for a very personal reason, forcing him to leave his comatose wife’s bedside.

The CPD family supports Boone in several meaningful ways (unofficially, of course) as his investigation takes him to the narrow streets, alleys, and hovels of a famed hutong district in Beijing, China, to the ancient city of Tianjin. You feel the clock ticking as you turn the pages. The series of personal crises confronting Boone and his family challenge his recently-renewed faith.

Throughout the entire series is Jenkins’ sustained ability to take what appears to be a dichotomy of Boone, the professional police officer and, Boone, the struggling believer, and meld them together in a realistic and entertaining manner. Jenkins brings police department authenticity to the reader. Biblical references are used sparingly but powerfully. It is, indeed, unfortunate that this is the final book in the Precinct 11 series. – Gary A. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

After years of turmoil, Boone Drake seems to be back on track. He is the youngest bureau chief in Chicago Police Department history, he heads the city’s Major Case Squad, he has a new family, and his relationship with God has never been better. Still, Boone can’t fight the feeling that something is about to go terribly wrong . . . again. When disaster strikes, it seems Boone is destined to repeat the past, as tragedy threatens those closest to him. And when his own family’s safety is at stake, Boone is forced to make a difficult choice: stay with his wife, Haeley, who desperately needs him, or pursue a human trafficking ring from the narrow streets, alleys, and hovels of the famed hutong district in Beijing, China, to the ancient city of Tianjin. The stakes have never been higher for Boone as the all-too-personal case grows increasingly dangerous . . . and time is running out.