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Trade Paperback
416 pages
Feb 2012
Tyndale House


by Janice Cantore

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Janice Cantore’s book Accused, first in the Pacific Coast Justice Series, tells the struggle of a female cop in her quest to discover hidden truth. Carly Edwards, a seasoned police officer, finds herself in the middle of what seems to be an open-and-shut case. However, as she peels back the layers, she finds clues about corruption that is putting innocent lives at stake. Through it all, Carly finds a new relationship with God as she simultaneously reconciles a painful divorce while resolving the baffling issues related to the crimes she is investigating.

Set in a busy west coast city, the story’s twists will keep readers eagerly reading and guessing. Being a veteran officer herself, Cantore is excellent at describing police procedures without using too much jargon. The dynamics between Carly and her ex-husband are both heartbreaking and heartwarming. In one scene, her ex-husband tells Carly how he regrets her decision to separate and bares his heart to apologize for all his mistakes. His care for her is quite touching.

Carly finds opposition at every turn as she searches for a way to make right the wrongs she has discovered. This quest requires that she risk her reputation, her job, even her life. While it is a dangerous investigation, Carly does not let fear stop her. In the end, her determination pays off, but there are emotional costs involved.

Carly is a resolute cop with a desire to see justice carried out. She has a small quirky side, which makes seeing situations through her eyes a delight. The story’s supporting characters are numerous and intriguing. While it can become tricky to remember them, they are all important to the plot.

Once I finally unraveled the crime alongside Carly, I was sad the story was finished. I enjoyed every chapter. Accused is a brisk and action-filled book with enjoyable characters and a good dose of mystery. Its language is targeted for older teenagers and young adults who enjoy a crisp crime drama. I look forward to more books in this series. – Molly Anderson,

Book Jacket:

Detective Carly Edwards hates working in juvenile—where the brass put her after an officer-involved shooting—and longs to be back on patrol. So when a troubled youth, Londy Atkins, is arrested for the murder of the mayor and Carly is summoned to the crime scene, she's eager for some action. Carly presses Londy for a confession but he swears his innocence, and despite her better judgment, Carly is inclined to believe him. Yet homicide is convinced of his guilt and is determined to convict him.

Carly's ex-husband and fellow police officer, Nick, appears to be on her side. He's determined to show Carly that he's a changed man and win her back, but she isn't convinced he won't betray her again.

As the investigation progresses, Carly suspects a cover-up and strikes out on her own, uncertain whom she can trust. But when danger mounts, she begins to wonder if she made the right choice.