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Trade Paperback
416 pages
May 2012
Tyndale House Publishers

Flame of Resistance

by Tracy Groot

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Flame of Resistance written by Tracy Groot is a novel set in occupied France during World War II. It is a modern version of the story of Rahab.

Brigitte Durand has staved off starvation by running a Germans-only brothel close to the only steel bridge near the Normandy beaches. She finds small ways to resist the Nazis, not knowing that others are watching: others who will draw her into a desperate scheme of espionage.

Tom Jaeger, downed fighter pilot who looks like the perfect Aryan, speaks little German but fluent Dutch. He immigrated to Michigan from the Netherlands when he was nine years old and still remembers important details of Holland. He is recruited to pose as a Dutch conscript, an officer in the German army. His orders are to visit the brothel regularly to receive information that Brigitte has learned from her clients.

The Rousseau brothers own cement factories in Cabourg and Caen, which are filling orders for Rommel for the Adriatic Wall. François thinks up the general plan. Michel, code name Greenland, leader of the Flame resistance cell, runs the operation. Jaeger is captured and detained by Sturmbannführer Schiffer, a masochist who dreams of surpassing Klaus Barbie. Greenland, who has recently lost an agent he loved to this maniac, begins to unravel and concocts a scheme to rescue Jaeger with the help of Hauptmann Roland Braun, who has always been uneasy with how his presence as a German officer affects the atmosphere of a room.

There is only time for one more rescue flight before D-Day. Can they rescue Jaeger and get him to the plane in time? Brigitte does not feel good about herself. She frequently asks herself, the priest, and others, “Is there a place for one like me?” Her search for the answer is a subplot worth reading. Although Brigitte is a prostitute, sex is only implied. Watch for the characters who were real people: Madame Leon and Krista Hegel. They are fascinating. This is an intriguing story with a dozen twists and turns. It is a delight to read. – Lynn Brown,

Book Jacket:

Years of Nazi occupation have stolen much from Brigitte Durand. Family. Freedom. Hope for a future, especially for a woman with a past like hers. But that changes the day American fighter pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down over occupied France. Picked up by the Resistance, Tom becomes the linchpin in their plan to infiltrate a Germans-only brothel and get critical intel out through Brigitte, a prostitute rumored to be sympathetic to the Allied cause.

D-day looms and everyone knows that invasion is imminent. But so is treachery, and the life of one American pilot unexpectedly jeopardizes everything. He becomes more important than the mission to a man who cannot bear to lose another agent and to a woman who is more than just a prostitute, who finally realizes that her actions could change the course of history.