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Trade Paperback
104 pages
Jun 2004

Finding Eternal Life: A Forty Day Spiritual Encounter

by Dennis Kaufman

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Wondering what draws people to Christ? Willing to go on a thought-provoking pilgrimage toward the Lord? In two doses a day, morning and evening, Finding Eternal Life provides a thorough and appealing introduction to life-changing, basic Christian beliefs. Need solid evidence of God before you cast yourself on His mercy? Day one begins with evidence found in the creation; day two presents the evidence of Scripture. Building on this foundation, the following days look at subjects as they emerge from each other and from your thoughts. Systematically, you look at God and His preparation from before the beginning, face Satan, self, and sin, consider prophecies and miracles, and meet Christ and His plan for your life. Each reading grows through a wealth of Bible verses and contemporary examples, and closes with a modern, significant prayer. Opening explanatory sections, closing helps, and further information sections make this volume even more valuable.

With roots in Judaism and Catholicism, spiritually awakened in 1980, and presently a member of the Evangelical Free Church, Dennis Kaufman brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to his writing. As an Elder and Sunday school teacher, Kaufman learned firsthand of the need for a person to make his own, informed decision for Christ. By providing pertinent, amply researched information, encouraging individual thought, and focusing with piquant prayers, Finding Eternal Life guides the interested reader toward meeting his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Several tables embedded in the daily material help clarify important points. Meant to be a forty-day devotional, this book is also a forty-subject compendium valuable to Christian workers, new believers, and discussion groups. With its bright, attractive cover, it will make an eye-catching gift. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Finding Eternal Life is more than a book. Itís a spiritual pilgrimage designed to lead an open-minded seeker to an encounter with God, suggesting the reader may find Eternal Life and a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

This forty-day journey contains eighty topical readings, arranged to logically build on the previous dayís subject and lead the reader in ever-growing faith. Themes range from Creation, and the fall of man, to life after death.

Each day has two readings, for Daybreak and Sundown, laden with bible verses in a modern translation. Sample prayers guide the reader into natural speech with the Creator.

This timely book shows which Bible prophecies were fulfilled in recent history, like the rebirth of Israel in 1948 that began the ticking clock of the ďEnd Times.Ē The section, When Will Messiah Come? lists future events, the Bible predicts that must occur before Jesus returns.

This non-denominational journey is for anyone who hasnít found the peace of knowing they can have Eternal Life. Itís for those who want to know more about Christian beliefs and the claims of Jesus Christ. The book may also be used to strengthen a Christianís faith or for assurance of salvation.