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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Aug 2011
Abingdon Press

Rally 'Round Green

by Judy Christie

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Rally 'Round Green by Judy Christie focuses on a small-town newspaper owner named Lois Craig. Green is a little town facing the devastation of having its only high school shut down forever. Lois Craig, with her basketball coach husband Chris and a full cast of local citizens, fight to save their alma mater. That is not all, however, for Green is also recovering from a disastrous tornado that has torn the town apart and killed several of Loisís dear friends. The high school is still standing, and the townsfolk need something to remind them that some form of heritage and stability yet remains in their town.

Lois starts out simply as the wife of a school teacher and then becomes the headstrong leader of the protestors. An abundance of friends assists her including Chris, her loving husband. Priscilla Robinson, the antagonist, is the woman working to close Greenís school. Loisís newspaper staff consists of a few rambunctious college students, balanced out by some wise older women whom Lois relies on. The main characters grow enough throughout the book to make them believable, and their struggles and frustration against the executive legislature's decisions are relatable.

Lois Craig and her newspaper staff decide to use the full force of their publication, The Green Item, to fight the schoolís closing. The tiny paper becomes the driving force in unifying the community to retain the school. Along with this, the newspaper covers many heartfelt scenes, such as the christening of a new church to replace the one destroyed by the tornado and the graduating ceremony of what may be the last class to finish at Green High School.

The book is written in first person, from Loisís point of view, which means the reader spends plenty of time in Loisís head. This is an advantage because her complex character and personality are revealed in her thoughts and circumstances. Her strengths lie in her desire to see Green recover from the tornado and move forward again. Her weaknesses derive from the fact that many of her decisions are spontaneous, shallow, and immature. She has energy, honesty, and love, but she often lacks depth, wisdom, and logic.

Although the plot is interesting, the format of this book makes it difficult to read. Each chapter tends to jump from one period of time in the story to another. There are also several loose ends that are not resolved by the end of the book. Even for a book that considers itself part of an on-going series, unresolved issues can displease readers. The characters are developed adequately throughout the story, but the author presumes that readers have read the prequel to this novel, so she fails to provide back stories for key characters.

Rally 'Round Green is light reading; it is enjoyable to see whether or not Lois will succeed in rallying the town to save their school, and several of the characters are amusing. However, the plot lacks diversity and the central character does not show much in the way of change and growth because of the experience of the story. For lovers of series, go back and do book one before you start this new novel. Ė Elizabeth de Graaf,

Book Jacket:

Green survived a tornado, but now the town faces a new stormóone that threatens the schools!

As Green continues to recover from a horrendous tornado, newlyweds Lois and Chris just want to return to a normal life in their home on Route Two.

But even more threats to Green loom on the horizon. The state of Louisiana announces plans to close Greenís schools, which will put Chris out of work and end a long-standing tradition of community pride. Lois and Chris know the loss will crush the community and harm students forced to travel more than an hour to classes. Then thereís that new highway thatís creeping even closer . . .

But Green has another tradition: Rallying around each other. Newspaper owner Lois, Mayor Eva, and college students unite to fight the bureaucrats, with some surprisingóand unexpected results.