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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Jul 2011
Crossway Books

Am I Really a Christian?

by Mike McKinley

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Mike McKinley’s new book Am I Really A Christian? has quite a provocative title – why would anyone write such a book? If you have to ask, maybe you are exactly who should be reading it. We live in an age where the very name “Christian” can evoke a myriad responses, most of which are unbiblical. This book brings great clarity in an age of confusion for those who really want to know what it means to be a Christian.

McKinley does a great job in being simple and straightforward in communicating to the reader what the Bible clearly says about what it means to be a true Christian without being overly simplistic or un-engaging. He writes with a clear, whimsical style that is both easy to understand, biblically profound, and interesting.

Am I Really A Christian? begins in the first two chapters by laying the groundwork of what it means to truly follow Christ. McKinley does a concise job of explaining what it means to be “born again” (John 3:3ff). From there, Chapters 3-7 each expand on five key biblical principles that are helpful in answering the title’s question:

  • You’re not a Christian if you do not believe and trust the facts of the Gospel.
  • You’re not a Christian if you love sin.
  • You’re not a Christian if you do not persevere in the faith until the end.
  • You’re not a Christian if you do not love other people.
  • You’re not a Christian if you love your stuff more than Jesus.

McKinley finishes up with two additional chapters: one on the assurance of being a Christian, and a concluding chapter on the fact that each individual Christian is connected to a larger community of believers. Both of these chapters help round out the discussion and leave the reader with great confidence in knowing whether they are a true Christian or not. In the chapter on assurance (Chapter 8, “Can I ever really know if I’m a Christian?”), McKinley reiterates his two-fold purpose in writing this book: 1) So that true Christians might examine themselves to see if they are in the faith, and 2) So that a nominal Christian’s eyes might be opened to the truth of what it means to be a follower of Jesus (p. 132).

Am I Really A Christian? is a great resource for those grappling with this incredibly crucial question. In fact, it’s a must for those who don’t grapple with this question but ought to. That said, you may want to be careful in how you may give this book out – it has life-changing consequences. – Todd Burgett,

Book Jacket:

Are you really a Christian?

You may think you are, but you may not be. After all, Jesus himself said that some people will do seemingly “Christian” things in his name but will not truly know him. Or maybe you know you are not a Christian and you wonder what it really means to be one.

To be sure, however, there is clarity from God’s perspective. He is not confused about who does and does not know him. And though our self-awareness is certainly limited, we have been given biblical criteria to help us evaluate whether we are indeed followers of Christ.

Mike McKinley shows us the importance of examining our standing with God and helps us to fearlessly ask the hard questions, ultimately allowing us to see whether we are in the faith and what exactly that entails.