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Trade Paperback
416 pages
Jun 2009
David C. Cook

Breathe: A Novel of Colorado (The Homeward Trilogy, Book 1)

by Lisa Bergren

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Set in the gloriously colorful landscape of the Front Range of the Rockies, popular selling author Lisa T. Bergren’s novel Breathe provides an entertaining story of hope, love, and mystery.

Odessa “Dess” St. Clair arrives in Colorado Springs in the 1800s. Her father, in a desperate effort to save Odessa’s life from the consumption that has claimed half their family, has sent her and her siblings, Dominic and Moira, to the Springs to open a bookshop and to admit Odessa to a hospital that helps consumptives recover. As Odessa begins her treatments at the hospital, she witnesses some strange events that lead to the death of a fellow patient—who just happens to be the owner of a rich ore vein that is hidden deep in mining country. Dess’s suspicions about the death increase as she and Bryce McAllan, co-inheritors of clues to the mine’s entrance, begin looking for answers. In the meantime, Moira is courted by a shady sheriff, and Dominic must fight ghosts and problems from his past. If Dess can regain her ability to breathe in the clear Colorado air, maybe she can help her family and also find the answers she’s looking for. Simultaneously, she is suffocating spiritually, often wondering if her physical ailments are the results of spiritual failings, knowing that God can sometimes allow a crisis into our lives to make us aware of other problems we made be overlooking.

Historically accurate locations and characters make this novel come alive in its setting. For example, characters travel through the Garden of the Gods to visit General Palmer, who was the founder of Colorado Springs, and his wife at their home at Glen Eyrie, an English-style Tudor mansion which is still open to the public today. Details feel well-researched, and characters operate well within the time period’s norms and standards, which is refreshing in historical fiction. The plot is well done, if slightly predictable, and enjoyable. Ultimately, they solve more than one mystery, in that the insights they gain on God’s provision, His patience and guidance, and His perfect timing lead them to understand why they came to Colorado, and how they can serve the Lord and mankind in this new locale.

This historical romance will likely appeal to women who are searching for a heartwarming love story with a touch of mystery and adventure. Odessa is a relatable character whose values enable the reader to learn from her life and experiences. Readers who would like to experience the lush Colorado scenery of the 19th century should find a way to sit near an open window in the sunshine with this book, breathing deeply of fresh air. With the help of their imaginations and the great descriptions and historical accuracy the book provides, they might find themselves in the West of a century and a half ago. – Lyndi Markus,

Book Jacket:

It's Colorado, 1883.
A publishing heiress is on the brink of life.and death.
Her beautiful, younger sister is called to the forbidden stage.
Her brother, troubled guardian, is raging inside.
A veiled treasure map, leads to a hidden silver mine.
A threatening villain hovers in the shadows.
And a hero is bent on saving his bride.